Top 9 Amazon PPC Management Agencies To Hire In 2024

November 29, 2023

Getting your products noticed on Amazon used to be a breeze, but now it's become a bit of a puzzle that requires both time and money. 

Sure, there are still some brands doing things the old-fashioned way, but more and more are turning to Amazon PPC Management Agencies to give their advertising a boost.

And it’s a clever move. The only challenge is that, with so many PPC agencies around, finding the right one for your company can be a bit tricky.

If you're considering hiring an agency, you might be wondering how to find the best option to help you with PPC management strategies.

In this blog post, we will analyze all kinds of agencies and help you find the best of the best so you can get the support you need.

1. Profit Whales

About: Profit Whales is a complete advertising agency focused on boosting the success of Amazon sellers. The founders aren't just marketing experts – they started as Amazon sellers themselves. This firsthand experience gives them a better understanding of the challenges and needs of fellow sellers.

The process includes complete analysis starting with a detailed account audit, testing, setting up the ad account, and daily monitoring and management of your ad campaigns. 

Beyond Amazon, Profit Whales extends its data-driven expertise to e-commerce brands, ensuring optimal profitability and growth.


  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Amazon DSP Ad Services
  • Amazon Product Ranking
  • Amazon PPC Audit
  • Zero to Hero
  • Keyword & SEO Analysis
  • In-Depth Analytics

Pricing: Free plan & from $39/month 

2. ZonTools

About: PPC platform best known for its automation capabilities. Powered by AI, ZonTools helps automate the optimization process of your PPC efforts, saving you time and money. 

From broad to targeted campaigns, ZonTools offers nearly full automation, allowing customization of automated rules for millions of keywords. This autopilot feature is a game-changer, giving you a competitive edge.

With clear insights, reporting capabilities, and an automation log, ZonTools keeps you up to date with all your campaign performance.


  • Phrase-Match Engine
  • Automated Bid Optimization
  • Amazon Merch on Demand
  • Bidding, Exploring & Optimization Engine
  • Automation Insights & Reporting

Pricing: Staring at $9/month

3. Trivium Group

About: Founded by Amazon expert Mina Elias, Trivium Group operates as an in-house advertising team exclusively focused on Amazon PPC.

They manage all formats of Amazon advertising including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Displays, and Amazon DSP.

They also offer a free audit to help you assess your current Amazon PPC campaigns and identify areas where you can improve.

The structured process at Trivium Group includes stages like Listing Inspection, Advertising Campaign Audit, A Plan Of Action, Takeoff, Weekly Analytics Check-In, and Iteration To Perfection. This methodical approach ensures a thorough optimization of PPC strategies.


  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Amazon Startup Management
  • Programmatic Amazon DSP Management
  • Amazon Full Account Management
  • A+ Amazon Creative Optimization

Pricing: Get a Free Audit. *Pricing is available upon request.

4. Clear Ads

About: Established in 2011, Clear Ads is a digital marketing company based in London, primarily focused on providing brand advertising services for Amazon sellers. 

Founded by George Meressa, the company has worked with over 1,000 advertisers, specializing in assisting Amazon Sellers through platforms like Seller Central, Amazon Vendor, and Amazon DSP.

Clear Ads adopts a straightforward approach to PPC, prioritizing client needs. Their strategy involves comprehensive account reviews, tailored growth strategies, optimized ad placement, and a focus on relevant keywords and search terms.

In essence, they strive to help your business enhance customer traffic, improve spending efficiency, and effectively target keywords and search terms, ensuring advertisements work seamlessly. 


  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Amazon Demand Side Platform - Self-Service
  • Google Advertising for Amazon Products
  • Walmart DSP
  • Direct to Brand Advertising

Pricing: From $850 monthly and 8% of Ad Spend

5. Seller App

About: SellerApp is a big name in helping out with Amazon ads. They've managed over $1.2 billion in spending and teamed up with 21,000 sellers, including big shots like Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Its AI-powered software helps automate all aspects of your campaign management, from product and keyword research to listing optimization and monitorization. 

You’ll also get comprehensive reporting on your Amazon PPC campaigns with key data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per click, so you can track your performance and optimize campaigns effectively.

Overall, SellerApp offers you all the tools to get your Amazon PPC campaigns starting and running smoothly, thus providing a solid budget-friendly agency experience.


  • Amazon PPC Managed Services
  • Amazon Listing Optimization Services
  • Amazon DSP Managed Services
  • Custom APIs
  • Al Automation
  • Product Intelligence & Research
  • Chrome Extension

Pricing: Free plan & from $49/month 

6. AMZ One Step

About: AMZ One Step sets itself apart from other Amazon-specialized agencies by offering not only PPC management services but also product photography and videography. This additional offering provides them with a unique edge in the market.

Their PPC management package includes a thorough analysis of the storefront, the establishment of optimized campaigns, and continuous management of bids and keywords.

This all-in-one service is especially beneficial for sellers looking for support across multiple aspects of their Amazon business.


  • Amazon Product Photography
  • Amazon Product Videography
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • A+ Content/EBC Service
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Product Packaging
  • Amazon 3D Rendering
  • Amazon Keyword Ranking
  • Amazon Posts Management

Pricing: Prices available upon request

7. BidX

About:  BidX stands out as an automation tool designed to streamline PPC campaign management by eliminating the need for manual bid adjustments. Its core focus is on full automation, aiming to simplify Amazon paid searches while maximizing conversions with minimal resource input.

It enables you to save time through personalized rules for Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon, regularly checking and adjusting bids until target CPC and ACoS goals are met.

Leveraging Amazon's Advertising API, BidX automates bid updates based on individual rule-based algorithms.


  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign optimization
  • Performance evaluation
  • Keyword & Bid Automation
  • Amazon PPC & DSP Management

Pricing: From $295/month +4% of connected ad spend per month

8. Incrementum Digital

About: Founded by industry expert Liran Hirschkorn, Incrementum Digital stands out as a highly respected PPC management platform in the Amazon seller industry.

Dedicated to bringing sellers success on the Amazon platform, Incrementum offers comprehensive PPC management services, including Amazon DSP, listing copywriting, image creation, and A+ content creation.

Their website features testimonials from well-known brands, showcasing their ability to accelerate growth on Amazon.

As an e-commerce growth engine with a focus on Amazon Marketing, Incrementum provides clients with a team of analysts, strategists, and creative experts to enhance their performance on the platform.

In essence, Incrementum Digital serves as a trusted growth partner for eCommerce brands, leveraging deep expertise in the Amazon ecosystem.


  • Amazon DSP
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Seller Operations
  • Creative Services

Pricing: Prices available upon request

9. Perpetua

About: What sets them apart from other PPC platforms, is the integrations with Instacart, Walmart, and Target - ensuring a comprehensive engagement and visibility across the sales funnel.

Designed for e-commerce brands and agencies engaged in online advertising, Perpetua is ideal for media buyers, PPC managers, Heads of e-commerce, and Marketers. 

It provides customizable recommendations based on factors such as your product catalog, target audience, and budget. The platform allows you to tailor these recommendations to meet your specific needs.

Perpetua also offers full transparency into your ad spending through detailed performance reports. These reports provide valuable insights, enabling you to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement in your ad campaigns.


  • Amazon Advertising
  • Walmart Advertising
  • Target Advertising
  • Instacart Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Prism: Market Intelligence
  • Video Ads Creator
  • Amazon DSP Self-Service

Pricing: From $250 /month

Should you hire a PPC Agency?

At the right time, of course.

Partnering with an Amazon PPC agency can be a valuable asset to your business, but it's important to do so at the right time. 

While it comes with a cost, a good agency can help prevent financial losses and contribute significantly to your business growth.

Think about getting help from a PPC agency based on where your business is right now. If you're just starting, going for a really expensive agency might not be the smartest move. 

Choose one that fits with what you need at the moment and can help you reach your goals without breaking the bank. Make sure the agency you pick matches what your business is aiming for.