A Complete Seller Systems Review

Nicholas Godwin

September 15, 2022

Selling on Amazon isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

The platform has over 9.7 million sellers globally, making it the largest eCommerce retailer in the world. 

In 2020 alone, third-party vendors generated over $80 billion in sales on the platform—a significant increase from the previous year. 

Amazon’s net sales revenue continues to increase each year thanks to the 1.9 million active sellers worldwide. 

You’d need all the help you can get with this level of competition. You won’t stand a chance here if you don’t choose the right product or data analytics software.

Seller Systems structures your Amazon FBA journey by equipping you with data tools to launch and scale your brand. 

In this review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Seller Systems and the perks of becoming an Inner Circle member.

What is Seller Systems?

Seller Systems is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to make high profits and carve out success in a competitive eCommerce world.  

The program covers Amazon Private Label, online arbitrage, wholesale, and retail. 

Brandon Young is the co-founder and lead instructor of Seller Systems. He started Seller Systems with his wife to help owners and entrepreneurs research, start, and grow their brands on Amazon. 

The program features comprehensive content and services, including a free masterclass to help you figure out if it’s a suitable business model for you. 

In Brandon’s words, think of Seller Systems as your ultimate guide to success from Amazon Private Label experts. 

This successful Amazon FBA course focuses on:

  • Product analysis
  • Product selection
  • SEO
  • Product listing creation and optimization
  • Product launch, and
  • Brand growth

Seller Systems Master Classes

The courses being offered include business lessons and career pivots from industry experts. 

Seller Systems features free and paid masterclasses covering everything from product research to PPC and a college-level course for its Inner Circle Members. 

These classes put you in the mindset of your consumers, competitors, and eCommerce platforms.

Product Selection Master Class

This free tutorial teaches you how to dive deep into keyword research and competitor data to explore the risks and opportunities of products. 

Here, the instructors will provide a breakdown of Amazon’s ranking algorithm to show you what’s working for your business and areas to improve. 

You’ll learn how to analyze data and understand what drives your competitors’ sales on Amazon. And once that happens, you’ll know how to do better than them and avoid missteps and miscalculations. 

The master class also utilizes a detailed and accurate profit analysis tool to help identify growth areas and ROI.

You also get a walkthrough on product sourcing directly from factories in China, how to skip the middleman, and profit to your bottom line. 

This Amazon Private Label master class offers in-depth knowledge on all the stages involved in product selection, validation, sourcing, and selling. 

Some of the topics you’ll cover include:

  • An overview of Private Label
  • How to find a profitable product
  • Keyword research and master keyword lists
  • Sourcing and logistics
  • Calculating budgets and profits
  • How to optimize content, and more. 

Additionally, you’ll understand how Amazon’s ranking algorithm works and how your keywords factor in the process.

There’s also a Q&A session at the end of the course that answers users' questions during the program. 

PPC Master Class

In this paid course, you’ll learn everything about Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, ad placements, keyword optimization, indexing, and more. The total duration of the class is five hours. 

This master class helps you avoid spending much on ineffective PPC or relying heavily on Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) as a key metric. ACOS only calculates your ad spending cost without factoring in shipping costs or your inventory. 

Additionally, you’ll learn the standard operating procedures for PPC during and after your product launch and how to optimize your profit potential. 

During the course, you’ll discover the benefits of Amazon PPC is more than selling your products. It helps you increase your sales velocity, validate listings, and improves your overall visibility so customers will easily find your products.

You’ll learn how to use Sponsored Product campaigns to understand your target audience and determine what customers want in a product. 

This super multi-content course covers everything about:

  • Ad placements
  • Terms and definitions of PPC
  • Purpose and overarching strategy
  • Importance of keyword optimization and indexing
  • Launch and growth case studies, and
  • Common mistakes and nuggets 

At the end of this course, you’ll learn where you need to focus most of your resources to get the best outcomes. 

Launch Master Class

This 6-hour intense workshop teaches you everything you need to launch your Amazon product. 

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of the following topics:

  • Keyword data mining and research
  • Amazon A9 algorithm 
  • Web-based chatbots
  • PPC for ranking
  • Listing optimization for rank
  • Maximizing rank with Facebook, Google, and Pinterest traffic 
  • Marketing automation to maximize profits and rank, and
  • The best CRM for maximizing customer lifelong value 

However, you’d have to complete the first two classes to understand the strategies implemented in this product launch course. 

Brandon used his Amazon FBA experience to create replicable actions for you to utilize on your product journey. You’ll use his analysis to source, find, optimize, and launch new products every month. 

Since product research and launch is the hardest part of owning an Amazon business, this master class would help ease the stress. 

Honestly, if you don’t follow the correct processes in the early stages, the risk of failure is higher. You might end up with the wrong product and lose your starting capital. 

The master class offers you a solid foundation to get the ball rolling and never stop. By following Brandon’s step-by-step processes,, you can bridge the gap between you and other successful brand-building experts. 

Inner Circle members get the course replay for free and can attend the workshop and party at half the original price. 

Inner Circle Mastermind

Unlike the other programs, this college-level course offers you a hands-on experience with live classes and weekly support calls. 

Here you’ll learn how to build a thriving 8-figure private label Amazon business by reducing the risks and maximizing the best opportunities. 

You also get a live Q&A session where Brandon answers users’ questions on a Zoom call. Each lesson is broken down into understandable bits to improve your lesson process.

This advanced course includes live classes on the following: 

  • Product research (selecting products based on extensive data analysis)
  • Brand building
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product launching based on Amazon algorithms 
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Sourcing and optimization
  • The latest PPC strategies to effectively index and rank products, and
  • How to build chatbots and run Facebook ads

You’ll also gain support from over 50 successful private label sellers and follow in their footsteps.  

The program allows you to set consistent and compelling mechanisms to attract organic traffic that converts to lucrative sales. 

When you join the Inner Circle Mastermind, you won’t need high-pressure sales tactics to get your customers on board with your product. 

All Seller Systems courses are updated regularly, so you don’t need to worry about getting outdated information. You get first-hand knowledge of any change made on the Amazon platform. 

Seller Systems Benefits

The program offers multiple services that help you run a successful Amazon FBA business. 

Additionally, it offers exclusive access to new eCommerce software and saves you from making the same mistakes others made during their journey. 

Let’s check out some of the benefits of joining Seller Systems. 

Select Products Based on Data Analysis

Seller Systems’ product selection methodology is data-driven and will improve your chances of success. 

The valuable insights the software offers allow you to stay ahead of the competition on Amazon. For example, based on the information from tools like Data Dive, you’d fine-tune your selling strategies.

Seller Systems helps you analyze consumer behavior, preferences, and other data points to make improved decisions while sourcing for products. 

Analyzing the market metrics allows you to increase your brand’s performance, sales, conversion rates, and more. 

You can also detect potential flaws in your business models and create strategic solutions to fix the problems.  

Build Optimized Listings

Seller Systems teaches you to write and optimize your product’s listing based on keyword research and competitor analysis.  

It’s essential to make your product listings stand out when selling on Amazon. 

Optimizing your listings is one of the best ways to do this since it helps you increase your search visibility, CTR, and conversion rate. All of these contribute to increased sales and higher Amazon rankings. 

An optimized product details page will help your customers understand your product and decide if they need it or not. 

The courses help you understand Amazon’s objectives when optimizing your titles. In addition, you’ll learn the recommended length for product titles and ways to structure them. 

Save Money on Product Sourcing

Most vendors find procuring inventory a challenging task and spend more money during the process. 

Seller Systems helps you avoid or minimize issues during the sourcing stage. 

You’ll learn to find factories and work with them directly without third-party organizations. This method helps you save money on new and existing products in your catalog. 

Seller Systems shows you how to cut costs on procurement, shipping, packaging, and more. 

Your products become better than your competitor’s offerings when you know how to get the most out of your supplier.  

Additionally, becoming an Inner Circle member provides you exclusive discounts and tools to ease the sourcing process. 

Access to Previous Reselling Deals

Retail arbitrage offers you a more accessible and lower-risk option than developing a private label product. You can establish your brand on almost any budget. 

You’ll have easy access to product resources and deals through the platform’s community of 7-figure sellers. 

You can connect with other sellers and grow your business in the process. 

These reselling deals usually require lower costs and give you an advantage over other vendors in the industry. 

Seller Systems optimizes the process and helps you discover the best products to buy. 

You’ll get a blueprint of retail arbitrage and what to avoid when launching your Amazon business. 

A Deep Understanding of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Very few Amazon merchants understand how the A9 algorithm works. 

Amazon’s ranking system uses a similar technique as Google’s search engine. The A9 decides the ranking of your products on the platform.

Seller System’s’ Private Label Masterclass shows how Amazon scans your listings and keywords. In addition, you’ll learn when and how to integrate long-tail variations of your primary keywords and phrases. 

Strong knowledge of the algorithm improves your product visibility, CTR, and overall sales. 

You’ll also learn to increase your sales conversion rates, drive more traffic to your listings, and ultimately grow your Amazon FBA business. 

Supportive Community

Seller Systems offers an inclusive community of Amazon sellers. These forums are one of the most effective methods of making business contacts, especially when you’re facing challenges. 

There’s always someone going through similar issues, so you’ll learn from other users’ shared experiences and create solutions for common problems. 

Seller Systems also helps new brand owners learn more about new Amazon products and services. 

Unveiling different sales strategies will help you improve your products and make them stand out from the competition. 

The lessons you’ll learn from other sellers could also help other areas of your life —they go beyond Amazon. 

Inner Circle Exclusive Tools

Inner Circle members get industry discounts, community-developed software, tools, and more that gives you a considerable advantage over the competition.   

The software allows you to calculate crucial data like “ranking juice,” create faster PPC campaigns, optimize product listings, and make informed business decisions. 

The platform also helps you negotiate the best rates with software companies and service providers. In addition, you get immediate access to top-secret tools usually reserved for the elite masterminds. 

Seller Systems’ exclusive tools and discounts allow you to leverage Amazon data and insights to move your business to new heights.

Seller Systems Pricing

The platform offers a free Amazon SEO Masterclass along with other paid courses, including:

The first option features a one-time fee with annual renewal and monthly subscription payment methods. 

What People are Saying about Seller Systems

Seller Systems Facebook community provides a platform for users to interact and communicate with other Amazon sellers. 

Most users found the forum’s knowledge-base useful for their brand journey. 

Addison Todd found Brandon’s methods approachable and easy to replicate. 

After attending one of Brandon’s presentations on keyword research and PPC campaigns, Elena Kova joined the Inner Circle Mastermind to improve her business.

Seller Systems Live Q&A Sessions

The platform holds a live Q&A session at the end of each course to answer users’ questions. 

Brandon interacts with the participants during the live Zoom calls and explores different topics featured in the various masterclasses. 

This strategy works best in connecting with audiences and generating specific information and insights. 

Get Started with Seller Systems

Seller Systems features a comprehensive list of products and services to guide you through your Amazon Private Label journey. 

The data-driven tools and courses equip you with everything you need to launch, rank, optimize, and scale your Amazon products. 

You can skip all the mistakes involved in building an FBA store from scratch and go straight to making profits. 

Why go through the stress of learning the process yourself when you can easily access great resources from industry experts?

The proper courses, software, and community can make the difference between you and other eCommerce vendors today. It’s time to join the Inner Circle of Amazon sellers raking in over $1 million in sales yearly.