Scale Insights: Drive Sales with AI and Advanced Analytics

Nicholas Godwin

October 12, 2022

Shoppers visit Amazon with wallets open, ready to buy. But most sellers are struggling to turn a profit because Amazon ads are not cheap.

Amazon PPC ads convert at 9.89%, more than 700% above the 1.33% eCommerce industry average. But most merchants still have a high advertising cost of sales (ACOS).

So, how do you lower your ACOS and get the most juice from Amazon’s high conversion rate?

Optimize your ads with artificial intelligence.

Enter Scale Insights.

Scale Insights uses 11 proprietary algorithms to optimize your PPC campaigns on Amazon. The software helps you lower your ACOS, unlock hidden opportunities, automate your PPC strategies, and delivers detailed analytics so you’ll know what’s winning and why.

This review shows you how Scale Insights can help you extract the most value from your Amazon PPC campaigns, save time, boost profits, and take control of your business.

What is Scale Insights 

Scale Insights uses AI and advanced analytics to drive sales, automate ad campaigns, and help you scale your Amazon business. 

The software’s proprietary Scale-Matic technology takes AI Automation to another level, affording you control over your advertising dollars. It automates and customizes your Amazon PPC campaign strategies in only a few clicks. 

Scale Insights helps you unveil hidden opportunities, get detailed insights into your brand’s performance, and double down on your profits. 

Since the AI intelligently adapts to different market conditions, you can set your PPC rules and engage in real-time bidding to get more organic sales. So, instead of having a dedicated PPC marketing team working on optimizing your campaigns 24/7, this software automates the process for you. 

Scale Insights Features

This software offers all the features that every FBA seller wants, from fully managed automation to dynamic real-time biddings. Scale Insights has something for everyone. 

It empowers Amazon brand owners to scale their businesses with proprietary AI technology and advanced data analytics.  

So, let’s explore the features designed and built for Amazon sellers by industry experts. 

Scale-Matic AI Automation  

The software allows you to confidently automate, analyze, and scale your Amazon PPC campaigns. Thanks to its AI, you can create multiple campaign structures in a few clicks. 

Scale Insights offers 11 proprietary algorithms to help you customize and automate your brand’s ad strategies. It enables advertising automation down to your every need. 

With the Import Algorithm, you can aggregate your stats across multiple campaigns and create dynamic search terms in your ads.

You can also aggregate stats and words in your search terms to offset irrelevant phrases or bad search terms in your ads. 

PPC Analytics 

Scale Insights  software helps you discover correlations between organic sales, PPC, and promotions with real-time updates and analytics.

The software allow you to cut down on time spent on managing your PPC campaigns. With the Scale-Matic tech, you can automate and customize your PPC strategies and maximize your ROI.

You can also run multiple ads without the stress or effort of managing the campaigns manually. With more time on your hands, you can invest in scaling your PPC strategies and brand. 

 Scale Insights lets you can track bids, optimize keywords, and monitor your campaigns to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table. 

Ad Insights 

The software helps you to spot losses fast and discover untapped opportunities. You can filter your ad data based on historical keyword statistics, customizable metrics, search terms, or unique words. 

Scale Insights allows you to combine your search terms across your ads to discover the overall performance of your products. 

The software also identifies duplicate keywords or phrases across your campaigns and removes the replications. 

It eliminates similar keywords that are performing poorly and replaces them with optimized alternatives. 

Thanks to the software, you can reach your target audience on time and analyze your ad performance in real-time. 

Sales Analytics

The software provides insights on how your advertising and promotions improve your organic sales. In addition, you’ll get complete visibility into the inner workings of Scale Insights’ algorithms. 

You can also track your profits and important market trends that might influence your business. So you’ll know which products to sell and how well they’ll perform this way. 

Instead of poring over performance sheets trying to detect how your products are performing, Scale Insights automates the process. The software identifies and predicts sales trends and pinpoints areas that need improving. 

Scale Insights also supports smarter inventory management and allows you to maximize your ad spend. As a result, it reduces the chances of your best-selling items going out of stock or spending money on poor-performing ads. 

Dynamic Real-Time Bidding

Scale Insights allows you to set rules that negate poor-converting keywords and doubles down on the high performers. 

You can dynamically assign bidding rules and target Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) based on your keyword or product performance.  

The software also adjusts your bids for specific placements depending on the situation. 

Scale Insights offers you more control on how or where you place your ads and enables you to become more granular with your PPC strategy. 

This feature works best when trying to win the top keyword placements within your selected campaign. As a result, it improves your sales and reduces unwanted ad spending in other areas. 

Scalable Campaigns 

The software allows you to create several campaigns with customizable AI-driven automation within minutes. 

You can develop bulk auto campaigns with various default bids that accesses multiple traffic tiers to optimize their performances.  

Scale Insights allows you to split your keywords into categories of 50 keywords or less to ensure granular control and optimization.

And thanks to the “Day Parting Campaign,” you can create and automate 24 Ad Groups to discover how they perform hourly. In addition, the software pauses Ads during your low-sales period to reduce bot clicks. 

You can change bids, budgets, and other parts of your PPC ad campaign to fit specific hours or days with this feature. 

You can also revive dead keywords that performed strongly in the past or blacklist those that performed poorly. 

Analytics and Forecasting

This feature offers insights into how your promotions drive organic sales by identifying their correlations. 

It analyzes weekly, monthly, and daily trends for multiple metrics to detect the causes of declining product performance.  

Scale Insights provides detailed insights on advertising costs, product profits, and other aspects of your Amazon FBA brand. With the information, you can customize your product restocking algorithm to project when you need to restock. 

The feature supports advanced decision-making, allowing you to increase revenue and optimize your brand’s performance.

Scale Insights also allow you to predict customer behavior by identifying patterns and similarities between their shopping habits. With predictive analysis, you can detect focus areas and improve them.

How to Use Scale Insights

You can sign up for the 30-day free trial and gain full access to all the software’s features. 

Create different campaign structures with Scale Insights’ AI automation in just a few clicks. After that, select from any of the eleven customizable proprietary algorithms to track your profits and trends.  

For example, if you want to create multiple campaigns for an item (a jump rope), the software generates about ten different campaigns. It then transfers them to your Seller Central account on Amazon. 

Since these multiple campaigns carry various price points, you get Amazon’s different tiers of traffic based on their keywords. 

Scale Insights Benefits 

The right PPC automation tool can significantly increase your brand’s performance and efficiency. 

Scale Insights offers multiple benefits for your Amazon brand, including increased sales and profits, automating tasks, maximized ad returns, etc. 

These amazing benefits help you to drive sales with advanced analytics and AI.  

Let’s explore some of them. 

Automates Repetitive Tasks

The software automatically creates reports, analyses, updates bidding, sends alerts on campaign status, and performs multiple tasks for your brand. 

You can focus your energy on other areas while the machines do the repetitive work for your business. Scale Insights helps you save time on your campaigns and improve their effectiveness. 

With this tool, you can focus more on strategies and less on reporting since the software replicates the reporting templates for different campaigns. 

Thanks to Scale Insights, you make fewer mistakes with your PPC strategies and improve your account’s performance. 

Optimizes Your Campaigns 

The software increases your account performance with a few clicks, allowing you to utilize the recommendations for future techniques. 

You can discover new keyword opportunities or reduce your budget by eliminating high-cost keywords. 

Additionally, you can reduce bids for expensive keywords to improve your ROI and meet spending goals with the tool. 

Scale Insights provides statistics and information on managing PPC campaigns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your brand. 

Maximizes Your Ad Returns

Scale Insights helps you calculate and track your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). It prioritizes profitable campaigns and limits overspending. 

The software allows you to discover untapped areas and pinpoint underperforming ads. As a result, you avoid spending money on campaigns that don’t generate high leads. 

You’ll also discover how efficient your ads are in the market compared to your competitors. Since the software works with Amazon’s PPC benchmarks, it shows you the KPIs to improve and how to make your ads more profitable and efficient. 

Improve Sales and Profits

This tool increases your brand visibility, improves site traffic, and generates leads and sales for your Amazon products.  

The more traffic you generate, the higher your chances of converting your visitors into paying customers. 

Once you launch your campaign, Scale Insights monitors and makes adjustments accordingly, optimizing the process for you. 

And instead of manually testing multiple variations of your ads, the software simplifies the process and performs your A/B testings. This strategy saves you time and money and offers insight into the performance of each variation and how well they’ll do in the market. 

Thanks to the software, you’ll understand the impact of fixed and variable costs on your Amazon brand. You can also adjust the charts on your dashboard to view your preferred KPIs. 

In-depth Analytics into Business Performance

Scale Insights offers deep insights into your brand’s performance. For example, you’ll get real-time updates on ad costs, ROI, profit margins, sales, etc.  

The software allows you to improve your reporting and data analysis with the help of combined data from your ad platform and several other sources. 

Understanding how your brand performs makes optimizing your strategies and allocating budgets easier. 

You can also track all emerging PPC trends, new competitors, ad budget changes, and the overall bidding process. 

Having a detailed ad history of other brands allows you to learn from their mistakes and refine your campaign strategies. 

User-Friendly and Easy Setup

The software is easy to set up and is accessible to every seller, both the newbies and advanced merchants. You can create an account on the website and start your free 30-day trial. You don’t need a credit card for this trial run. 

And once you sign up for any of the paid plans, you get full access to the features.  

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, your productivity levels shoot up, reflecting positively on your brand.  

You can set up the automation feature in a few clicks by assigning pre-set and customizable rules to your existing ad groups.

Scale Insights Pricing

The software offers multiple paid plans after the 30-day trial period elapses. 

The plans include:

  • Scale 5 ($78/month and $748/year)
  • Scale 10 ($98/month and $940/year)
  • Scale 20 ($178/month and $1,708/year)
  • Scale 35 ($288/month and $2,764/year)
  • Scale 50 ($388/month and $3,724/year)
  • Scale 75 ($548/month and $5,260/year)
  • Scale 100 ($688/month and $6,604/year)
  • Additional plans that scale to 2000 automated ASINs.  

These plans offer mass campaigns, ad insights, sales analytics, and automated ASINs based on their scale number.

Scale Insights Support

The platform has a dedicated email for comments, feedback, or queries you have. 

You can reach out to the support team if you have any questions, and they’ll respond within 24-48 business hours.

You can get advice and answers from the support team or the FAQ section of the website.  

Scalers Facebook Community

Join a community of successful Amazon business owners and learn valuable tips and strategies to scale your brand. 

You can discover new features and roadmaps from this inclusive community of successful Amazon sellers. 

The Facebook page offers insights into the lives and journeys of other Scalers and supports every user’s experience.  

Scale Insights FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions from other users on the platform. 

The section covers different issues, from how automated ASINs work to data security and payment methods. 

You can find answers to pressing issues you might encounter while using the software without contacting customer support.

Automate and Grow your Brand with Scale Insights

Scale Insights allow you to control your Amazon FBA business with confidence. You can manage multiple PPC campaigns, customize your strategies, get detailed insights on products, and maximize ROI with a few clicks. 

This software puts the A in automation with its Scale-Matic Tech, allowing you to take control over every ad dollar you spend. 

If you’re not ready to commit fully to Scale Insights, you can explore its 30–day trial period. Luckily, you get to experience all its features in your trial, so you have nothing to lose.  

If you’re an MDS member, Scale Insights is offering an #MDSOnly deals and go to your portal to grab it.