A Complete Data Dive Review

Nicholas Godwin

April 11, 2022

Amazon has millions of sellers across the globe, but only 1% of them—about 100,000 merchants—earn over $1 million in revenue.

Whether you’re part of that elite seller group or just finding your way as an Amazon seller, data can help you grow, scale, and profit from your Amazon business.

What every million-dollar seller gets right is their choice of what to sell—their product research.

Finding the right product and understanding your customer’s needs around it sets you apart.

Top product research tools help you discover trending keywords, calculate potential profits, and make data-driven decisions.

Data Dive offers all these benefits and more.

In this review, we’ll explore the features, functions, benefits, pricing, and everything you need to know about Data Dive and how to use it.

Table of Contents

What is Data Dive?

Data Dive Features

Research Sheet

Data Dive Profits

Ideas Sheet

Chrome Extension

Pipeline Sheet

Data Dive Benefits

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Gather Data from Multiple Sources

Store Data Conveniently

How to Use Data Dive for your Business

Download and Install Chrome Extension

Manage Subscription

Login to Helium 10

Import Google Drive Data

Data Dive Pricing

Data Dive Support

Start Growing Your Business with Data Dive

What is Data Dive?

Data Dive is a product of the Seller Systems program that offers premium research services for Amazon businesses. It provides valuable business insights, shows you how to validate products, and uses economically viable markets to your advantage.

You discover keywords that drive sales for your products with Data Dive tools. It also automates several processes and cuts down the time you spend analyzing data.

The software works with Helium 10 to pull data from multiple sources, including Cerebro, Google, and Amazon, to find the best keywords.

You’ll discover the most relevant keywords your competitors use to drive Amazon sales.

Additionally, Data Dive shows you the areas top Amazon sellers get most of their sales. It also allows you to manipulate the acquired data trends to make the most of new markets.

Data Dive Features

This software offers tools such as Research Sheet, Data Dive Profits, Ideas Sheet, and more to explore Amazon products and economically viable markets.

Data Dive analyzes products faster and thoroughly with automated ranking algorithms that import data from multiple sources.

These tools create data-based processes that improve FBA businesses’ profitability and reduce research time.

Research Sheet

This Data Dive tool allows you to perform in-depth research into Amazon products and retrieve all their sales and keyword data.

It looks for consistent or rising market trends on Amazon or Google data.

The tool optimizes your original Master Keyword List (MKL) and excludes non-relevant ones.

It attempts to fit all your keywords into broad campaigns and eliminates possible duplicates in the system. Also, you can manually add any missing keywords.

Research Sheet helps you build your business listing in the most efficient way to maximize your position ahead of competitors.  

You can customize your sheets’ parameters to discover when you exceed your builder character limits and improve your relevancy score. Your relevancy rank affects the results of your MKL.

Research Sheet allows you to perform PPC campaigns and keywords, Deep Dive, remove non-relevant keywords and phrases, prep for launch, and more. The software utilizes methodologies that discover relevant keywords that fit your product within the search volume range.

Data Dive Profits

This tool provides accurate FBA calculations for Amazon sellers. It helps you account for all your potential business costs and expenses when looking for products to sell on the e-Commerce platform.

Data Dive Profits gives you an estimate of the profits you should make from your Amazon products after removing travel costs and other expenses.

The Profits tool follows Amazon’s requirements on carton sizes when ordering products to help you maximize your profit. In addition, it advises you on the shipping methods to use based on analyzed data.

Data Dive Profits helps you optimize logistics and storage costs by analyzing your products’ weight and sizes.

The software offers the necessary information to make business decisions and the best products to buy. It also provides recommendations on packaging sizes that help you save shipping costs.

This tool helps you plan your cash flow as you launch, grow, and scale your business. It updates you on everything from changing shipping fees, budgets, and product costs.

Ideas Sheet

The software provides your business with the latest trending keywords to discover potentially best-selling Amazon products. It allows you to dive head-first into unexploited markets and stay ahead of the competition.  

This tool leverages intent data to find new and relevant keywords that might be inexpensive and less competitive, resulting in advanced SEM efficiency.

You can streamline and organize your keyword search with easy-to-use sheets and make informed business decisions in the process.

Data Dive helps you find the perfect keywords or collection of phrases suitable for your brand and allows you to understand your potential customers. Additionally, optimizing relevant search terms used online will enable you to improve your users’ experiences with your business.

With this tool, you can make business decisions backed by research and data analytics. It not only saves you valuable time spent on bidding on the wrong keywords, but Ideas Sheet also uses filters to refine niche-specific words for your product.  

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension tool allows you to select Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) manually and include the data in your research sheet.

You can navigate user settings for the extension under the ‘Options’ button.

Amazon sellers using Helium 10 and Keepa for product research use the Chrome Extension to speed up workflows. In addition, it automates tedious tasks by exporting data directly from these tools and imports them to Google Sheets for correlation.

This extension pulls data into your browser from sources like Amazon Seller Central, Helium 10, Google Trends, and Keepa. Data Dive then analyzes and filters millions of research terms from Brand Analytics.

The relevant keywords are presented in Google Sheets to help you make informed business decisions.

The tool allows you to use XRay to automatically sort items by sales (units) and remove sponsored products from your dashboard. Additionally, it shows you newly launched ASINs to include or exclude from your research sheet.

Pipeline Sheet

Data Dive automatically nests your research sheets into one Pipeline Sheet. You can access them through the Chrome extension, info tab, or by searching your Google Sheet library.  

You get your first ‘master sheet’ when the Chrome extension analyzes data. Subsequent attempts provide multiple copies due to filters and changes you make to the sheet.  

The tool allows you to review all the changes you make and how they affect your profitability pipeline. Additionally, it helps you calculate your order quantity ROI per annum and displays the results at the end columns.

Depending on your freight choice, you can also determine your turnover rate per year. Additionally, the tool displays FBA limitations under your criteria tab and updates you on custom costs and other requirements.

Pipeline Sheets contain initial order investments, revenue, annual ROI and profits, Amazon costs, logistics costs, inventory levels, target sales, and more.

The tool’s features automate research and operational processes that improve your business experience.

Data Dive Benefits

Data Dive helps you take your Amazon business to the next level with in-depth research methodologies and data automation. This exclusive software allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by offering services that keep your brand relevant.

Thanks to the added support for international Amazon stores, you can also go global with your business.

The software empowers you to discover trending products, validate ideas, keep tabs on your competitors, optimize operations, and more. Additionally, it helps you eliminate guesswork when selecting products and does most of the legwork for your business to succeed.

Data Dive eliminates all the hurdles involved with Amazon FBA.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data Dive allows you to gather data from different sources with minimal challenges and to utilize the information before anyone else.

It’s essential to offer something different within a crowded market. The software helps you analyze the market beforehand, avoid bad decisions, and increase your chances of success in an already saturated market.

The tool offers you a better idea of the best products to sell after understanding the market and opportunities. You can analyze your competition, view how much they’re selling their products, and pick the perfect price for your items.

Data Dive also helps you understand your customers’ expectations and improves your services to satisfy their needs.

Gather Data from Multiple Sources

The software automatically retrieves research data from multiple sources and analyzes the information.

You can discover winning product ideas that fulfill your business needs, niche, and preferences.

Data Dive integrates with other tools to show you everything about Amazon products’ viability, from high-ranked keywords to competitors’ prices. Additionally, it filters data and saves you the stress of navigating unnecessary information.

Data Dive allows you to import and export product lists and details while viewing the best-selling items in the market.  

You can combine data from different sources to create a complex data pool to make informed business decisions and stay ahead of the market.

Store Data Conveniently

All your gathered research data is stored safely in your Google Account. You can access it from any device wherever you are in the world.

The sheets have easy-to-use interfaces that support usability and accessibility. All you need is a reliable internet connection to export or download data to your device.

Data Dive offers cost-effective and convenient ways to share your files. It also supports multiple users.

You can collaborate in real-time with different team members and optimize your operations.

Storing data on your Google account also means you always have a backup if you encounter any data problem or loss.

How to Use Data Dive for your Business

The Data Dive tool is relatively easy to use after installing the Chrome extension.

Before you get started, you should check if your device meets the minimum software requirements.

You’d need a paid Helium 10 plan if this is your first time. However, the starter pack doesn’t work since it uses a limited version of the Cerebro tool.

Download and Install Chrome Extension

Before installing the software, Seller Systems Inner Circle members need to email customer support and provide their G Suite or Gmail accounts.

Download the Chrome extension from the web store and install it on your browser. Then, pin the tool to your toolbar and launch it to use Data Dive on your Amazon page.  

Manage Subscription

Click on the Data Dive extension to manage your subscription and enter your payment details.  If you have any coupons, you can apply them before proceeding to the next stage.  

Verified Inner Circle members get better rates and discounts when using Data Dive for their businesses. You get three months free when you subscribe.

Login to Helium 10

Use the same web browser to sign in to your Helium 10 account.

Once you log in, open your Amazon page and run Helium 10’s Xray. Next, locate the Data Dive extension on Xray and press ‘Dive.’

Run through the Google authenticators that pop up to proceed to the next stage. Select the products you want to analyze and gather the data.

Import Google Drive Data

Permit the software to access your Google Drive to store research data and select a template file.

Use Cerebro to discover the best-selling keywords, sort the data, and store the results on Google Sheets.

The sheet also has several help icons that help you navigate the process if you get stuck somewhere.

Data Dive Pricing

This research tool offers plans as low as $49 per month for Inner Circle members.

Get started at:

  • $49/month + $35/user (exclusive to Seller Systems members)
  • $149/month + $73/user (standard plans for everyone)
  • $1,449/year + $730/user (yearly standard plans)

The Enterprise plan is for organizations and offers special deals and discounts.

Standard plans require Helium 10 Cerebro access.

Data Dive Support

The software also offers customer support to handle all your research and data issues.

Discover insights that help you manage, grow, and scale your Amazon business operations.

Browse through the FAQs and find valuable answers to similar user problems. You can also submit a request if you don’t find what you need on the page.

Learn how to edit your details or password, change billing information, access subscription status, add multiple team members to your account, and more.

Data Dive provides 24/7 support that handles minor issues to challenging data-related topics.

If you need further assistance, contact the team at support@datadive.tools.

Start Growing Your Business with Data Dive

Data Dive is an e-Commerce solution that allows you to research and identify high-ranking keywords, estimate profits, explore trends, grow and scale your business. It integrates with Helium 10 Cerebro to analyze ASINs and discover their keywords.

Amazon sellers utilize this tool to automate market processes and build a digital presence in the industry.

Data Dive is a product of Seller Systems. It’s an exclusive community that shows business owners how to create spaces in a competitive e-Commerce world.

The right software and people can make the difference between earning six figures or more.

Get ready to join the elite group of Amazon sellers who make over $1 million in revenue yearly.