How We Started

Initially called the 50k+ group, Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) quickly evolved into a powerhouse community. Gaining traction with more and more successful 7-figure sellers, it became known as the only group with vetted, full-time, and proven Amazon sellers striving to forge their way on a rapidly growing marketplace that offered no roadmap or guidance.

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How We Evolved

From the very start, Give More, Get More, has defined our ethos. We require our members to have a highly active engagement to stay in our community. In addition, we've always had a strict policy of no info-marketers and no gurus.
Due to the rapidly growing stature and size of the community, the core MDS team required expansion to support even more value to their members. MDS is now managed by the founder, Ian Sells, and senior partners Eugene Khayman and Frank Farina. Along with a robust leadership team of top seller members, MDS places even more emphasis on community and connection alongside continued business development.

How We Grow

Our mission forward is simple: bring together the smartest, most supportive, fastest-growing eCommerce sellers that share the same core values. Currently, we represent over 7 billion in sales in 2022, across nearly 500 members. It’s our goal to continue to be the strongest community of thought leaders and proven eCommerce entrepreneurs in the entire industry.

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Chief Executive Officer

I am a serial entrepreneur and the founder of MDS. I love connecting people and testing new ideas. I sold 2 multi million dollar amazon brands and am now still launching more products while building MDS and two software companies (RebateKey & Elite Seller).

a picture of eugene khayman

Chief Operating Officer

I founded my first brand, Eparé, in 2012, it was my way of expressing my joy of cooking & entertaining. I joined MDS in 2017, I went from being a founding member, to pioneering MDS conferences, to now being the organizations COO. I continue to spread my passions in this role while also operating Eparé & other ecommerce brand as a limited partner.

a picture of Franky Farina

Chief Marketing Officer

I’ve been scaling and operating ecommerce businesses for 20 years but found my true calling within the MDS community. My passion for connecting people together and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses is on full display inside MDS. I find great joy in watching each member succeed in both their personal and professional lives and aim to serve in any way I can.

Event Director

Passionate about events and curating experiences. Started my agency after a long experience in managing parties land gatherings for elite communities, classic car collectors, the uber-rich in Miami Beach, and luxury brands. I was born in a small island, San Andres, in the caribbean of Colombia. Currently, residing in Downtown Miami.

Director of Operations

After 12 years of scaling the corporate ladder I decided to take a pause and dedicate my time to being home with my kids. At the time of my departure I as the Director of Operations for a large, publicly traded company and led department of over 200 staff members. Teaching my little ones and watching them grow is one of the most rewarding experiences however, the business side of me couldn't keep still! I began consulting for smaller startups and working on various passion projects like designing personal hygiene wipes and creating Mommy-do, a planner to support moms through the adjustments of the early stages of mommy-hood. I am a geek for improving process gaps, creating efficiencies and finding creative solutions to help any business operate successfully.

Mogul Call Host

I run a 7 figure eCommerce Brand with my wife Kayleigh and a small team. We live in Brighton, England. I run the Weekly Mogul call. I love mountain biking.

Partnerships Manager

I'm a husband and father of 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. Surfing was the first thing I fell in love with in life and I try to o it as often as possible. I started my e-commerce business in 2015 doing arbitrage on Amazon. I've done 'everything from dropshipping to private label on the platform. I'm great at building teams, hiring Virtual Assistants, Project Management, and leading teams. My business mission at the moment is to build brands with the intention to sell. I like to work in short intense sprints and move onto new projects quickly. My personal mission in life after being a great husband and father is to inspire and help others achieve their goals in life.

Event Coordinator

I am a travel and event fanatic. Growing up, my mother was a travel nurse which allowed me to see most of America. It opened my eyes on what the rest of the world has to offer. From there, my love of planning conspired by always trying to plan for what came next.

I went on to study Event Management at Johnson & Wales University. At 18 years old, I was presented with the opportunity to begin my events career with the University for Admissions. Here I developed the skills I use the most today. I have taken every opportunity life has thrown my way to continue to grow and expand. Now as the Events Coordinator for MDS, I have the opportunity to combine my passions for planning and travel to help create once in a lifetime experiences.

Community Manager

San Diego is where I call home. I come from a background of Hospitality and Event management specializing in logistics and operations. My goal is to provide the best possible experience for members by sharing my knowledge and be that "go-to" person. I love helping others. I have a huge passion for traveling and being outdoors.

Community Lead (Shopify)

I got started in Ecommerce towards the end of 2014. I am good at community building, paid ads (Facebook & Instagram specifically), email marketing, and CRO. I am an avid adventurer and endurance enthusiast (marathons, Ironmans, long-distance hiking, etc).

Brand Director

I like to make things beautiful” Saul Bass. Born 1976 in Hollywood, CA. Italian mother and Dutch/Irish father. My creative career began in grammar school where I would get into trouble for doodling on all my school work. Moved to North San Diego County in 1986 where I have been until the present. I’ve recently held a Creative Director position for a large electrical contractor ( where my primary role was to raise brand awareness through content creation. I find start ups particularly exciting to work with because there is so much room for discovery and growth. What I’d like to get out of any creative experience is to first bring value to the brand by improving the overall aesthetics and most important, develop a strong relationship with everyone involved. People and relationships are truly what I believe make successful organizations. I see the MDS logo being these two commas facing each other and having a conversation. “One Comma is Never Enough” is not only applicable to increasing revenue from the MDS information sharing network, but it is also a way of saying that the more relationships you gain by joining is where the members really become rich.

a picture of Lee Assoulin

MDS Council Chairman

Member since 2016. I got started on Amazon by mistake. I bought equity in a company with all the money I had to my name, launched the website and sales trickled in slowly. I then started selling on Amazon and boom went the dynamite. Sold my equity 4 years ago and have been doing Amazon Agency work ever since, working with some major brands. I'm as good as the people I work with- I find that my clients and employees are all partners in one way or another and my job is to ensure that we're all succeeding together. Just launched my own product in the game space with some folks/friends in MDS. Super fun.

a picture of Jon Spektor

Council Member

Member Since November 2016. I have been building and running online businesses for just over 20 years. I started selling fake bags from the flea market on ebay and over the years have built a number of SaaS business as well as ecommerce brands. I have sold about 6 different businesses over the years and 3 Amazon Specific 7 and 8 figure brands. I'm actively building and growing 3 other ecommerce brand that I am working to be more omnichannel. I have been a member of MDS since about 2016.

a picture of Bin Yu

Council Member

Member Since July 2018. Giving back to the community is deeply important to me, and I like to make my business reflect that. My company Hitlights gives internship opportunities to LSU Fellowship (Entrepreneur) Program every year, and we sponsor the 2nd and 3rd LSU Student Incubator's annual Venture Challenge. I do this to support the spirit of entrepreneurship as small businesses provide more than half the jobs n the market and are responsible for two-thirds of the new jobs being created.

a picture of Kayleigh Graham

Council Member

Member Since December 2016 &
Prior Council Member
. Launched my Amazon business in 2014 after discovering the ASM course. Our own brand is in the beauty niche but we recently acquired a small baby business and plan to invest in other Amazon brands. Before Amazon I managed social media for some of the UK's biggest brands including Burberry, Selfridges and Mothercare.

a picture of Etienne Ameil

Council Member

Member Since April 2022. I don't consider myself just an "Amazon seller", but an entrepreneur who chose ecom and Amazon as my 1st channel, for now... French married to a German woman, happy father of 2 young sons, living in Switzerland; fun fact: I love swimming in ice water, and diving without air. I would say I am good at: learning quickly, connecting people, "raising the bar" and sharing beers

a picture of Craig Brockie

Council Member

Member Since May 2019. Been marketing online since 1996. Ran an SEO firm for ten years. On Amazon since 2015. SEO, sales and hiring/motivating great people are my strengths. I do a lot of jet skiing, water skiing and love playing hockey.

a picture of Leslie Pierson

Council Member

Member Since November 2020 & Prior Council Member. I'm a serial entrepreneur and I currently runs 2 different companies primarily focused on Amazon. The have experience with getting free exposure, creating relationships within Amazon and the media, and selling into big box stores. Our card game company was formed around a card game my son created when he was 7 called Taco vs Burrito.

a picture of Dimitri Vorona

Council Member

Member Since November 2020. I'm a serial entrepreneur who has built, boot­strapped, and sold many online ventures. I'm good at: Amazon FBA, E-commerce, brand building, patents and love playing lead guitar in a Grunge cover band. Prior accomplishments include:

  • Developing the first crowd sourced traffic system in 2006 and later selling the patent portfolio to Apple.
  • Building one of the first Internet Service Providers in NYC (1994) and after explosive growth, selling it to Earthlink.
  • Creating a Web Development / Hosting company in the US that produced many well known online brands, and helped many fortune 500 companies launch their online presence.
  • Creating an online pet brand which quickly achieved 7 figures in sales and was sold to a large consolidator in late 2020.
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To unlock the maximum potential of MDS, our members must be highly engaged and highly generous with their knowledge. The result is an incredible community filled with a wealth of information, support, and experience to help each other reach new heights.

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We make sure that “Mom” would approve of how we conduct ourselves within the MDS community and our businesses. We are ethical, kind, respectful of others, and treat member contributions with confidentiality.

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Surrounding yourself with like-minded peers helps us connect on a deep level. We understand each other and help each other grow because we fight the same fight and enjoy life together in similar ways. Always working hard and playing hard.

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We are stronger when unified and when we leverage the power of the group, we all share in the rewards. We understand the value of our reputation and why it needs to be prioritized.

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There is a reason we are all here. We have already accomplished so much in our own right and we trust that those who have a seat at the table have earned their place.

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Be present. Be here. Nurture the relationships that can break open a facet of your business or life that was untapped. When you make efforts to be present in the virtual groups, the video calls, and face-to-face meetups, you maximize the full value of MDS.

This is the Community You've Been Waiting For!

How We Started

Initially called the 50k+ group, Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) quickly evolved into a powerhouse community. Gaining traction with more and more successful 7-figure sellers, it became known as the only group with vetted, full-time, and proven Amazon sellers striving to forge their way on a rapidly growing marketplace that offered no roadmap or guidance.

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