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Highly Engaged Subgroups

Get answers 24/7 with access to various Facebook groups organized into topics like Amazon, Shopify, Investments, Life, and more.

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World Class Events

From meetups in your local cities to conferences on top of ski mountains, we have an event that is a fit for all. Turn your Facebook relationships into the real thing! Our events are highly curated experiences reserved for MDS members.

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Weekly Live Calls

Nonstop content from industry experts and members alike. All calls are recorded, catalogued, and have cliff notes created so you can easily go back and catch up or share with your team.

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Member Directory

Get access to a nicely organized directory of all members where you can drill down by expertise, hobbies, locations, and more.

partner directory

Partner Directory

We strive to obtain the best offers from industry providers, resulting in access to thousands of dollars in savings.

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Document Repository

All member-volunteered documents are catalogued and organized; SOPs, contract templates, process maps, and more.

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MDS Perks

Complimentary services provided by MDS for members, like Amazon legal consulting, reward booking assistance, HR screening, and more.

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Apply and Pay

Complete basic info and pay membership fee. Fee is fully refundable if you decide to abandon the process or are not approved.

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Gain access to internal portal and complete screening application.

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Screening interviews from 2 fellow members

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Member Site Access

Gain access to membership site, event registrations, chapters, lifestyle groups and begin your annual membership.
Time between steps 4 and 5 could vary depending on number of applicants.

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Main Group Access

Gain access to main Facebook group. Prepare your value add. Connect with your community lead.

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A global roll-out of local communities run by member leadership teams with regular events and other valuable resources
Your go-to accountability group of 6-8 people, curated by personal and business interests with organized monthly meetings
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Broken into niche topics and hobbies
Starting with our first-ever family event, a 4-day summer camp in Zion during Memorial Day weekend
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Our path to provide more resources for those focusing on DTC as we allow select DTC sellers to qualify for membership
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Continuing to bring exclusive investment opportunities for our members
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