Pixelfy: Track Your Marketing Better with Branded and Shareable URLs

Nicholas Godwin

November 9, 2022

It takes about 50 milliseconds—about 0.05 seconds—for shoppers to like or detest your brand.

They don’t even have to visit your product page. Your URL says a lot about your brand. 

Do your eyes glaze over when you see a long URL?

I bet they do.

And that’s your customer’s experience too.

Custom URLs help you ignite curiosity, inspire clickthroughs, gather useful tracking data, and promote your brand better.

Moreover, curiosity inspires buyer action and memorable URLs make brand recalls easy.

That’s where Pixelfy can help your business grow.

The tool goes beyond shortening your links. It also helps you track and optimize your ads and marketing to rank high on Google, Amazon, and other marketplace search results.

This review shows you all you need to know about getting desirable business results with Pixelfy.

What is Pixelfy?

Pixelfy shortens URLs and embeds retargeting pixels into each shortened link. This way, you can retarget ads to customers that click on your links.

Designed specifically for Amazon sellers, the platform helps you track your marketing campaigns on multiple platforms.

Your shortened links allow you to increase your audience engagement levels since short URLs are more memorable than long ones.

Pixelfy makes your marketing strategies incredibly effective by collecting valuable data from everyone who clicks on your links. And you can use the data to analyze, remarket, and rank high for specific keywords on Amazon.

You can also drive traffic to your Amazon listing with Pixelfy magic links. Let’s explore this tool’s unique features.

Pixelfy Features

Pixelfy helps you shorten links and make them more sharable, but it also helps you track your marketing campaigns on multiple platforms.

Its features allow you to improve brand recall and boost your connection with your customers, consequently improving their user experience.

You can embed pixels in every link, retarget your customers, and understand their online shopping habits with relative ease.

Tracking Links 

Pixelfy offers you 18 different types of tracking links, and each one has a unique purpose. 

1. Supreme URLs 

These tracking links allow you to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings. 

Pixelfy provides three different Super URLs for your Amazon brand:

  • Supreme URL: This tracking link uses Pixelfy’s proprietary bot to generate Amazon URLs to determine Keyword Attribution, Time of Search, and other metrics. 
  • Supreme 2.0: This URL helps you restrict Amazon products through an ASIN and a keyword and provides excellent ranking results. 
  • Supreme 3.0: It uses a powerful algorithm to imitate search engine traffic and allows you to improve your rankings. 

2. Any URL

These links work for non-Amazon-related URLs. It lets you send traffic to your other eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce and retargets click-through traffic. 

You can also share product-related articles with your audience. 

3. Buy Together URL

Thanks to this super URL, you can control Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” section on your product page. 

The software lets you send traffic to the button that allows your customers to add two items to their carts. 

And with enough purchases, your products appear in the “Frequently Bought Together” section on your listing. 

4. Add to Cart URL

This tracking link allows you to simulate a purchase from Alexa and increases your chances of landing the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge. 

You earn points that ultimately increase your odds of landing the badge. 

5. Add to Cart Button

The software generates a Javascript button that you can use on a landing page or giveaway pages. This button also simulates Alexa’s purchase and helps you attain the Amazon Choice badge. 

It combines two URLs to run a keyword search and the add to cart feature to improve your chances. 

6. 2-Step Brand URL

You can filter your products by keyword and brand with this Super URL. It also assigns keywords tied directly to your Amazon product’s title. 

However, this URL doesn’t include timestamps but directs your customers to click your listings before purchasing products. 

7. Canonical URL

This URL helps you optimize your product page for incoming search engine traffic from Amazon inquiries. It's also the ultimate SEO tool for boosting your brand's ranking since 25% of Amazon’s search traffic is from search engines. 

With the Canonical URL, you can target up to six keywords and share them on PBNs or Blogs with anchor links to improve your ranking.  

8. URL Rotator

This tracking link allows you to rotate clicks from a single URL to over 50 different destinations. It’s perfect for targeting multiple keywords and running ad campaigns.

Other links include Plain URL, SFB, Amazon Choice URL, Walmart Retailer, Amazon Best Seller URL, Review Link, and Target URL.   


Pixelfy retargeting allows you to reach out to users with prior interaction with your Amazon product page or website. 

This feature lets you place your ad campaigns and products in front of your audience using retargeting pixels. You can add the following types of pixels:

  • Google Analytics Code
  • Facebook pixel
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking Code
  • Instagram Ads Pixel Tracking Code
  • Twitter Pixel Tracking Code
  • Google Adword Pixel Tracking Code
  • LinkedIn Ads Pixel Tracking Code

Retargeting with Pixelfy differs from regular marketing campaigns. It allows you to reach out to your target audience with previous interactions with your product or brand.  

When you remarket your ads, Pixelfy embeds a code in your shortened links and trails your site visitors all over the internet. You can tag every visitor who clicks your tracking links and retarget them with relevant ads. 

Since your target users are already familiar with your brand, your chances of getting their attention with your ads are higher. And you’ll yield better conversion rates. 

Weekly Email Reports

Pixelfy allows you to monitor your Tracking Links’ performance through dynamic email reports

They offer insights on how your tracking links perform during and after a campaign using statistics. 

Once you turn on your “Notifications and reports” feature, you can select daily, weekly, or monthly reports options. Or you could run all three options if necessary. 

You can use the insights you get from these reports to discover which of your links are getting more clicks and the ones that aren’t. 


Geotargeting allows you to redirect customers from different geographic locations to a specific URL. With an ‘Any URL’ shortener link, you can redirect users across the globe. 

You can turn on the feature from your dashboard by clicking “Show advanced options” to display the customization menu. Select the countries and regions you wish to target, add your choice links, and watch Pixelfy work its magic. 

Geotargeting helps you understand how your customers’ location affects their online habits. As a result, you can create ad campaigns that generate higher engagements. 

With this feature, you can also improve your user’s experience, optimize your ad returns, and maximize conversion rates. 

Landing Pages

Pixelfy offers you four different landing page options.

  • Warranty Landing Page: This feature allows you to capture user information while registering their product warranty. 
  • Chat Landing Page - Post Purchase Free Gift Review Funnel: You can gather customer data and feedback in exchange for a freebie. 
  • Chat Landing Page - Any URL: Here, you also gather user information in exchange for a gift.  
  • Chat Landing Page - Search, Find, Buy: You offer a freebie to buyers that locate items with your keyword, improve your ranking, and gather customer data. 

These landing pages allow you to retrieve users' email addresses and reviews and improve dynamic ranking. 

Campaign Tags

Pixelfy provides tracking links to track or sift through your different campaigns. They help you capture details about your links and compare your campaign’s performance. 

QR Code Builder

Pixelfy helps you build QR codes for your tracking links. You can generate these codes to reach your customers even when they’re offline. 

Referrer Hiding 

This Pixelfy feature lets you hide your traffic sources from your users. You can increase your site’s privacy with this blank referrer.  

Hide URL

As the name implies, this feature allows you to mask or hide your website’s original domain name and show a different one. 

UTM Builder

You can detect exactly where your site’s traffic comes from with unique UTM tags on your tracking links. 

Pixelfy’s UTM Builder allows you to generate and add campaign parameters to determine your campaign’s performance. 

iOS and Android Targeting 

With the Any URL Shortener feature, you can target Android and iOS devices with your Pixelfy links. You can fill in two different URLs once you’ve enabled this feature, and your users will get their unique links, depending on their operating system.  

Pixelfy also lets you track all your traffic links, including affiliate and influencer marketing links, in one place.  

Other Pixelfy features include Social Sharing, Custom Domains, Expiration Settings, GDPR Privacy, Deep Links, Dashboard Reporting, and more.

Pixelfy Benefits 

Pixelfy offers several benefits for your Amazon brand, from improving your users’ experiences to promoting efficiency. 

These advantages allow you to improve your Amazon rankings, optimize your campaign performance, and impact your customers.  

Let’s explore some of the crucial ones. 

Link Analytics

Pixelfy helps you save time on analysis by tracking the performance of each link you share. It shows you what source generates the most traffic and the best results. 

You’ll gain insights into different market metrics with the software. 

Each Pixelfy tracking link offers you a full view of the critical metrics concerning your brand’s traffic and understanding of user behavior. 

The additional data you collect from your customers help you make informed business decisions and identify areas that require improvement. You can also measure your marketing efforts more effectively and develop strategies to improve your brand’s ROI. 

Improves User Experience with Deep Linking

Pixelfy also supports deep linking. It’s a valuable feature for shoppers using mobile devices. The software allows you to enhance your customers' user experience when shopping on your page.  

Deep linking sends your users directly to the Amazon mobile app instead of any traditional URL opening a web page. 

So, you can set a specific point on Amazon and watch as Pixelfy sends your customers to that particular page. This way, your users are saved from the stress of navigating multiple web pages. 

Pixelfy's mobile deep linking helps you double your activation and retention rates and improves valuable usage metrics. 

Boosts Promotion Efficiency 

Thanks to advanced statistics and Amazon-focused functionalities, you can increase your promotion efficiency. 

Pixelfy helps you save money on ad budgets by utilizing data insights to boost your promotions. 

The software collects your users’ data after they click on your tracking link, making it easy for you to analyze and retarget your products to them. It also promotes easy integration of multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, etc. 

Pixelfy’s Super URLs also help you increase your product rankings, maximize ad efficiency, and possibly win the coveted Amazon selling badges.

Personalized Links

One of the first things potential customers see when interacting with your brand is your product link. It often displays your brand name and featured product. 

A short and attractive link is ideal because it’s easier to remember. Most online shoppers prefer short and personalized links because for this reason. 

Pixelfy provides personalized links for your brand, allowing you to build memorable connections with your customers with every URL you post. 

Once you paste your long product link, Pixelfy shortens and brands it within seconds. 

Improved Marketing Strategies

Pixelfy allows you to perform A/B testing on all your ad campaigns to discover which of your links has a better performance. This tactic helps you make the most of your brand’s conversions. 

The URL parameters make measuring data such as conversion and click-through rate of A/B testing campaigns easy. 

Your tracking links also allow you to maximize conversions by retargeting your customers. And you can track your users in real-time. 

The software supercharges your marketing efforts with retargeting pixels that drive traffic to your Amazon product page. 

Easy-to-Type Links

Short links are ideal since they’re easy to type and remember. In addition, users can type the links instead of copying and pasting from one platform to the other. 

As mentioned earlier, long links are unattractive and forgettable for most online shoppers. As a result, some users don’t even bother looking at them, let alone clicking them. 

It’s why experts advise creating links that are easy to remember. 

Short and personalized links ensure your brand and products stay fresh in the mind of your customers. 

Pixelfy allows you to create shareable and accessible links ideal for advertising.  

URLs with Targeted Keywords

The key to ranking at the top of Amazon search results is using super URLs. They contain your choice keywords that target your customer base. 

Unfortunately, most super URLs are long and unattractive, and that’s where Pixelfy comes in handy. 

It shortens your long URL, and makes it relevant, focused, and attractive to your customers. 

Pixelfy supplies your brand with URLs with targeted keywords that improve your search visibility and product ranking. 

How to Use Pixelfy 

The software is relatively straightforward to use. 

Once you sign up for the free trial or paid version, you’ll select the link you wish to shorten and retarget. 

Pixelfy then helps you create a tracking code to add to your product link. You can add as many pixels as you wish to one URL

Share your personalized link on various social media platforms and track each one in real-time when you've created the links. 

Pixelfy allows you to track and retarget your brand to users that clicked your URL, optimizing and boosting your Amazon rankings.  

For every tracking link you create, Pixelfy provides the following data:

  • Clicks per destination URL
  • Clicks by city or geographic location
  • Clicks by device type (mobile or PC)
  • Unique clicks vs. total number of clicks, and
  • Clicks by browser type. 

The platform features different how-to articles and keeps you updated on all things Pixelfy. 

Pixelfy Pricing

The software doesn’t have a free version. However, it offers you a 7-day trial period to test the tool. 

It offers three different monthly pricing plans.

  • Professional: Suitable for fast-growing businesses ($19.99)
  • Business plan ($49.99)
  • Enterprise: For enterprise-level sellers ($99.99).

Pixelfy Help Center

Pixelfy supports a robust help center with helpful resources for users. You can get advice and answers from the support team or the vast collection of help articles. 

The site contains everything from how to create an account to tutorials on tracking codes and retargeting. 

You can also contact the customer service team through a chatbot and click on the icon to drop your inquiry. 

Pixelfy FAQs

Find solutions to frequently asked questions about the software on the homepage. 

So, instead of contacting a customer representative and waiting for a response, you can find quick solutions to your problems in this section.  

Drive and Track Traffic to Your Listings with Pixelfy

Designed for Amazon sellers, Pixelfy goes beyond link shortening and sharing. 

The software allows you to track and retarget ads to your customers, and optimizing your campaign performance. 

It improves your brand’s transactions by targeting interested customers without using Amazon campaigns, which are more expensive and less personalized. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software that handles your link tracking and marketing needs, Pixelfy is the tool for you. 

It gets the job done and then some. 

Thanks to Pixelfy, you can now save time and focus more on business decisions that improve your brand.