MultiplyMii: Get the Best Talent for your Team

Nicholas Godwin

July 22, 2022

Ghost stories are scary but have you ever had a horrifying HR nightmare experience?

Terrifying tales of staffing shortages, irretrievable paperwork, and hiring debacles are a few daily setbacks business owners face.   

There’s no easy way to put it—hiring good staff is a lengthy and tiresome process. 

Since you don’t own a large corporation with an HR department, you’re responsible for your recruitments. You handle everything from finding the talents to conducting efficient background checks and vetting the final candidates. 

So, what do you do as an Amazon seller looking for highly qualified staff without breaking the bank?

You find a recruitment platform that connects you with remote global talents. Remote staffing is all the rage now.

Global Workplace Analytics reveals how you can save over $11,000 per employee each year by remote staffing for your company or business.  

Enter MultiplyMii. 

MultiplyMii is an outsourcing agency that provides companies with the right professionals to handle business operations. 

This review shows how MultiplyMii refines your business processes.  

What is MultiplyMii?

MultiplyMii is a recruitment platform that connects you with talents from the Philippines. This headhunting agency helps you hire and onboard high-performing teams for your business and handles payroll, HR, benefits, taxes, and more.   

MultiplyMii gives you access to skilled and career-driven professionals in different areas of specialization. It also handles performance reviews against KPIs, upskilling programs, comprehensive benefits packages, and coaching sessions for your recruits.

This end-to-end HR solution helps you build diverse and high-performing teams without the stress of finding and developing the recruits. 

MultiplyMii builds and scales your dream team while you focus on running and growing your business. 

And the best part of the platform is that it works with whatever budget your business can manage. So, you can build the bulk of your operational team without incurring extra training costs. 

MultiplyMii’s BPO Services

The agency provides multiple recruitment options for your business and specializes in marketing and creative outsourcing, such as:

  • eCommerce
  • Offshoring 
  • Amazon
  • Digital marketing 
  • Staffing
  • Marketing team management
  • Talent recruitment
  • Employee training, and
  • Business process outsourcing.  

With MultplyMii’s service models, you can multiply your team, time, or talent with the best fit for your Amazon business. 

Let’s explore the various solutions the platform offers. 

Multiply My Team

This service model helps you scout top talent from the Philippines to increase your team size. Then, you’ll work directly with a talent acquisition specialist who’ll cater to your specific hiring needs. 

MultiplyMii provides: 

  • A dedicated recruiter
  • Specialized recruitment pods
  • Curated sourcing channels
  • 90-day replacement guarantee
  • Concierge service for job descriptions 
  • Contract assistance after final selection 

Multiply My Time

MultiplyMii hires the best talent for your specific employee requirements and handles HR, payroll, taxes, benefits, and more. 

The platform uses Onboarding Specialists to bridge the cultural gaps and develop a comprehensive 90-day plan for your employees. 

The agency provides:

  • A professional onboarding specialist
  • MultiplyMii Wolfpack program
  • Incentive structure design
  • Performance improvement program
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins
  • Specialized recruitment pods
  • Screen tracking software + monitoring

Multiply My Talent

After identifying your ideal candidate, MultiplyMii integrates them into their HR system and starts onboarding them in their role. 

The agency provides: 

  • Everything from the Multiply My Team package
  • Payroll administration
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Education and talent performance reviews
  • Vacation, overtime, and sick leave
  • A dedicated account manager

MultiplyMii provides a hub of actionable resources, talent optimizers, hiring document templates, and more. You can build a sustainable talent density into your company culture with these resources.  

How to Use MultiplyMii

Stage One: Discovery Call

You can direct discovery call bookings to get all the details about MultiplyMii’s service models to kick-start the hiring process. Then, schedule a meeting time with the team.  

It takes around one to two hours. 

MultiplyMii drives the interview and enquires about your daily operations and the job role you need to fill. 

Feel free to check the bi-weekly pre-vetted talent pool to see actual candidates' profiles and book a meeting to interview them. 

Stage Two: Creating a Job Description

MultiplyMii creates a job description that combines both your requests and their insights. After that, the Talent Acquisition Team writes the job description that relates your requests and appeals to the top Filipino recruits.  

You approve the job description and move on to the next phase. 

This process takes about one to two days. 

Stage Three: The Search for Fitting Candidates

The team reviews MultiplyMii’s private network for pre-vetted candidates that meet your requirements and headhunt passive candidates in the database. 

This stage takes around five to ten days.

Meanwhile, MultiplyMii sends you regular updates on their progress while you continue running your business—no interruptions necessary. 

Stage Four: Candidate Interviews

MultiplyMii shortlists the top three prospects and sets up interviews with you to determine the final selection. 

This process could last a day or two.   

Stage Five: Employee Onboarding

MultiplyMii assigns a personal Onboarding Manager who plans the process with you, creating a plan and activities calendar. They also include KPI prepping and work expectations. 

This stage usually takes 24 hours or more. 

Final Stage: Routine Checkups

After hiring your remote staff, MultiplyMii checks in with you to ensure everything is running smoothly and you have zero complaints about your new employee. 

If you have any issues with the talent during this period, you can notify MultiplyMii, and they’ll send a replacement.  

Additionally, you can register for FREE on the Resources Portal to access premium content, from downloadable job descriptions to actionable guides and a business assessment questionnaire. 

How MultiplyMii Stands Out

The platform prides itself in providing companies with the right talent to ensure their daily operations are successful and scalable. 

MultiplyMii accomplishes this mission by discovering operational issues in organizations and businesses and outsourcing them to qualified professionals. They provide:

  • Affordable and accessible staffing services
  • Talent from the top 1% of Filipino professionals
  • End-to-end offshoring services to increase process outputs
  • Talent discovery calls, hiring, onboarding, and payroll processing
  • Comprehensive benefits package to keep recruits happy and motivated
  • Communicated-focused management

MultiplyMii provides the talents and handles HR duties for your business—very few recruitment platforms do all that. 

MultiplyMii Benefits

MultiplyMii provides numerous benefits for your business, from eliminating overhead costs to faster acquisition rates. The platform also handles talent onboarding and upskilling packages. 

You can enjoy the flexibility of hiring a remote staff from the Philippines and none of the additional expenses.  


Thanks to conversion rates, the daily wages in the Philippines average around one-fifth of their counterparts in the US. It means you won’t break the bank to afford top talents for your business since their average pay scale is lesser than in the US.

It’s a win-win situation for all. 

You can reduce employability costs significantly and increase work efficiency by paying employees in their local currency. 

Also, MultiplyMii works with your budget and curates a package that fits your hiring needs. With the Pricing Calculator, you can select the right talent for your price range. 

So, with MultiplyMii, you get 80% cheaper labor, healthy staffing standards, and increased productivity. 

Eliminate HR Headache

We know how tedious HR work is, especially when hiring across borders. 

Each market has its legal requirements, which adds to the pain of discovering talent and onboarding them. 

MultiplyMii provides a team of qualified development leads to perform all onboarding activities for your brand. This strategy allows the recruits to acclimatize quickly to your business operations. 

MultiplyMii handles all the boring and stressful HR stuff so you can focus on brand growth while your recruits enjoy job security. 

The agency facilitates everything from hiring the talent to onboarding and continuous professional development. It also manages taxes, employee benefits, and other office expenses you don’t have time to handle. 

Reduced Overhead Costs

Operation costs affect your business’ profits. 

The more overhead costs you can cut from your Amazon brand, the more profits you make. Lease payments and workers comp insurance are some of the expenses you’d foot if you hire traditional employees. 

Since you don’t need an office space for your employees to work, you eliminate the costs of rent, utilities, security systems, and minor maintenance projects. 

You can lower overhead costs by employing remote workers with MultiplyMii to handle your business operations. 

MultiplyMii ensures that your brand’s growth is no longer cost-prohibitive.   

Work Flexibility and Faster Acquisition

Recruiting in-house employees for your brand is usually time-consuming and costly. Searching for the most suitable employees for specific roles takes a while, and the more workers you need, the longer the recruitment process takes. 

Partnering with MultiplyMii saves you time and resources thanks to the accelerated hiring and onboarding processes. 

The platform provides a flexible workforce that engages foreign talent to respond swiftly to your capacity needs or skill gaps within your teams. 

Your Multipliers can work round the clock to scale your brand faster. 

And the best part of using MultiplyMii is that you can count on them constantly to deliver whenever you need more recruits. 

90-day Replacement Guarantee

MultiplyMii provides a guarantee period of three months where you can determine if the employee is the right fit for your brand. 

You can set realistic goals to discover what your recruit should learn/master or achieve during the warranty period. 

And if the recruit doesn’t fit the bill or meet your goals, it’s time to trade. You can invoke your 90-day replacement clause to get a new one at no additional cost. 

Although it may take a few tries to find your exact match, the platform understands your hiring needs better and provides a better fit. 

Enjoy Specific and Diverse Expertise

MultiplyMii provides access to a global talent pool supporting more workplace diversity. In addition, it adds innovative value to your brand by drawing on various backgrounds to generate new ideas and problem-solving skills.  

Each year, around 600,000 Filipinos graduate from higher institutions and join the growing labor market. This figure means you get access to an endless supply of talent for your business. 

And the Filipino workforce is growing at an impressive rate that the professionals are selecting niche specialties to create a diverse talent pool. 

Leveraging MultiplyMii and tapping into the Filipino workforce gives your brand the future-proof power to grow and scale. 

MultiplyMii Partners and Affiliate Program

The platform partners and collaborates with service and product providers that aid and empower small businesses. 

MultiplyMii handles the talent and team building, while their partners handle other aspects. 

You reach out to the agency if you’re interested in collaborating with them. 

MultiplyMii’s Affiliate Referral Program lets you connect and hang out with other brands and major networks.    

Also, joining the affiliate program offers a passive income stream for your brand. 

MultiplyMii Pricing

MultiplyMii has various pricing models—depending on the service you need. It could fall under one of the following:

  • Team
  • Time, or
  • Talent

The higher the role and experience, the higher the fee. For example, if you want to hire an inventory manager with intermediate experience under the ‘Talent’ category, you’ll pay $1,845 per month. 

This price range includes:

  • MultiplyMii fee - $231
  • Base salary - $1,154
  • Benefits - $65
  • 13th month - $96
  • Account management - $299
  • One time fee - $600

Hiring an inventory manager with intermediate experience under the ‘Time’ and ‘Team’ categories cost $1,414 and $2,770, respectively. 

MultiplyMii FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions section offers valuable information about MultiplyMii’s products and services. 

You can find detailed responses on recruitment duration, how MultiplyMii vets Filipino talents, and other remote hiring practices. 

Get answers to pressing issues you might have and save yourself the stress of emailing customer support. 

MultiplyMii Support

Contact MultiplyMii’s support team if you have any issues with the recruitment process. 

You can also reach them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn or join their forums on Escala and Successful Scales.  

Successful Scales provides candid discussions and podcasts on the challenges successful business owners face while scaling their brands. 

What People Are Saying About MultiplyMii

Most users found MultiplyMii efficient for their remote staffing needs. 

MultiplyMii helped Ruben Amar to scale and add new structures to his business. He found the platform a game changer for his bottom line and profits. 

Veronica Vasserman loved how supportive the agency was while growing her brand. They helped her hire high-caliber talent to handle everything from content writing to inventory management. 

Access Scalable Teams with MultiplyMii 

MultiplyMii provides end-to-end remote staffing solutions for your Amazon business by delivering low-cost talents from the Philippines. The agency helps you save resources by hiring local professionals while increasing your brand’s profitability and performance.  

This premium BPO will minimize operational costs and maximize outputs while eliminating HR responsibilities and other hiring challenges. 

MultiplyMii refines your business processes by providing comprehensive benefits and scalable services to achieve greater profits.  

So, are you ready to hire qualified remote workers and enjoy 80% cheaper labor?

Use MultiplyMii to enjoy work flexibility and faster acquisitions for your Amazon brand.