FBA Private Market: Buy and Sell FBA Businesses

Nicholas Godwin

September 15, 2022

You are either a merchant or an aggregator and looking for a good deal.

As the former, you’ve built a lucrative Amazon FBA business and want to sell. As the latter, you’re looking to buy a profitable business.

Whatever your situation—transitioning careers, retiring, or growing your portfolio—you deserve a good deal.

And there’s no better time to jump on the Amazon acquisition boom. Aggregators want to buy and merchants want to sell.

One report says that 25% of FBA merchants plan to sell to aggregators.

But great deals start from sitting on the right deal table—a platform that espouses fair exchange.

That’s where FBA Private Market comes in.

In this review, you’ll learn how to profit from using FBA Private Market to buy and sell Amazon businesses. We’ll explore its features, benefits, and pricing to help you get the most juice from the platform.

What is FBA Private Market

FBA Private Market is a dedicated marketplace for Amazon business acquisitions. It connects vetted buyers and sellers to negotiate effective deals for their brands.  

This platform lets you buy or sell Amazon FBA businesses. It showcases offers from all the top Amazon brands at once. And the best part of using FBA Private Market is that you won’t worry about broker commission

You get to keep your purchase price if you sell your brand on the platform.  

FBA Private Market lists businesses with over $300,000 in seller’s discretionary earnings. The platform also has a team of financial experts to prepare your financials, handle negotiations, and manage your bids/offers.  

FBA Private Market listings are exclusive at the time of sale. However, sellers can reject any offer and list their businesses elsewhere if they aren’t satisfied. 

FBA Private Market Active Listings

FBA Private Market features various Amazon product listings, categories, primary marketplace, parent ASINs, average order value, launch date, etc.  

It also shows the number of parent ASINs the seller owns, Trailing 12-month (TTM) revenue, and Trailing 12-month Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (TTM SDE). 

Let’s explore some prominent listings on the platform. 

Dietary Supplements

  • TTM Revenue: $26,329,783
  • TTM SDE:$2,748,774
  • Status: Offer Accepted 

Sports and Outdoor Play

  • TTM Revenue: $2,447,088
  • TTM SDE: $640,869
  • Status: Offer Accepted 

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

  • TTM Revenue: $5,348,005
  • TTM SDE: $1,038,330
  • Status: Offer Accepted 

Arts, Crafts, and Sewing

  • TTM Revenue: $1,271,532
  • TTM SDE: $238,807
  • Status: Offer Accepted 


  • TTM Revenue: $1,570,744
  • TTM SDE: $441,307
  • Status: Offer Accepted 

Beauty and Personal Care

  • TTM Revenue: $7,919,172 
  • TTM SDE: $1,986,637 
  • Status: Offer Accepted 

FBA Private Market Professional Buyers

The platform has a host of buyers, including some of the industry’s most funded aggregators like Thrasio

Here’s a quick list of FBA Private Market’s top buyers:

  • Thrasio: This Amazon aggregator discovers top-rated and bestselling Amazon products and grows them. 
  • We-The-Brands: This platform takes your business to the next stage by scaling and increasing its reach. 
  • Goja: Seamlessly acquires and integrates Amazon brands with a team of 150+ professionals and investors. 
  • Berlin Brands Group: The platform creates, buys, and scales D2C eCommerce brands globally. 
  • Heyday: This company provides a market-first approach to building brands—from incubation to acquisition. 
  • Unybrands: Buys Amazon FBA and Shopify DTC businesses and satisfies customers’ growing demand for microbrands globally. 
  • Heroes: The platform rebrands small and medium-sized Amazon FBAs, taking them to the next level.  
  • Acquco: Offers seamless exits for Amazon brand owners with flexible deal structures and in-depth due diligence. 
  • SellerX: Helps entrepreneurs realize the next stage of their professional and personal lives. 
  • Suma: This brand scales Amazon and DTC businesses, transforming them into household names. 
  • Foundry: Uses its team’s diverse experiences and areas of expertise to grow and scale eCommerce platforms. 
  • Razor Group: Focuses on US and European markets with its next-generation consumer goods. 
  • Greenhaus: Buys and scales American-made brands and delivers exceptional results. 

How to Use FBA Private Market

Sign up on the platform and work with an expert team to prepare your business for sale or discover profitable brands.

How to Become a Verified Buyer

FBA Private Market offers you the best deals from its exclusive and high-quality deal flow. You get a fair market deal without using third-party agents or brokers. 

They know what you need and pull listing data directly from the sellers’ Amazon accounts. 

The platform fast-tracks the buying process by performing due diligence and saving you time and energy. As a result, you can place multiple bids at once. 

You’ll fill in the following during the registration process:

  • Company name and website
  • Your first and last name
  • Email 
  • Number of acquisitions closed
  • Targeted TTM SDE Ranges
  • Preferred categories and listings to avoid, and
  • Proof of funds ($50 million and above).

Once you’ve signed up, the team sets up an interview to verify your interest, and after that, you’re ready to buy an FBA brand. 

You only pay for successful deals after closing them. 

How to Become a Verified Seller

You’ll provide a few details about your business, and the team will reach out to you with the Free Seller consultation link

Some of the details you’ll submit to the team include:

  • First and last name
  • Email 
  • Tailing 12 Months Profit
  • Primary business category
  • Growth status
  • The time frame of the sale

The team works with you to create a market-leading listing for your brand and generates competition among professional buyers. In addition, they provide a curated list of well-funded buyers with proof of funding and successful acquisition track records. 

FBA Private Market Benefits 

FBA Private Market offers you premium deals both as a buyer and seller. 

The platform has numerous benefits, including complete Amazon data listings, exclusive deals, and professional M&A processes. 

Let’s explore some of them.

No Broker Fee for Sellers

FBA Private Market eliminates the third-party brokers and takes your business straight to the acquisition companies who bid for it. The platform does everything a broker would do and then some while ensuring your brand’s best interest. 

There is no agent fee or hidden cost for buyers or sellers. So, you don’t have to worry about paying commissions when you sign up for the platform. 

This feature allows you to save your money and put it into other important things while enjoying great deals.  

No Long-Term Exclusive Contracts

Most Amazon brokers set exclusive listing agreements that state you will only work with their firm for a stipulated period. And to most sellers, this exclusive contract seems like a trap considering several things could go wrong with the deal. 

FBA Private Market eliminates this worry by connecting you with potential buyers without charging fees or locking you in a contract. 

You’re free to entertain bids from as many buyers as possible until you find the deal that works for your business. Or you can say no to all or any offers. 

Fosters Competition and Improved Bids

From the seller’s perspective: FBA Private Market introduces you to the best prices from qualified and vetted professionals, PE firms, and aggregators. You can choose the brands that not only pay the highest amount but would take your FBA business to the next level. 

From the buyer’s perspective: FBA Private Market exposes you to only the best and most qualified Amazon sellers in the industry. In addition, you get a fair market deal.  

The platform offers all buyers the same standardized terms to protect against unfavorable deals, making it easy to discover who’s offering the best bargain. 

FBA Private Market affords you the freedom to make the right choice for your brand. 

Buy Already Established Businesses

FBA Private Market team has already vetted these sellers, so you don’t have to worry about their credibility. In addition, they perform due diligence such as verifying the seller’s identity, ensuring revenue is authentic and accurate, and more. 

The platform helps you reduce the risk of failure to launch after acquiring a brand. 

While it’s challenging to avoid risks entirely, you can choose the ones to take, and selecting successful Amazon stores is the way to go. 

Buying an already profitable Amazon FBA brand reduces the risks involved in growing and scaling it. And in no time, you’ll begin enjoying its benefits. 

Enjoy Transparent Transactions

FBA Private Market provides all the listings, valuations, and data you need to improve the bidding process. 

Buyers compete in a fully managed two-round negotiation process, and the winner takes it all. 

FBA Private Market’s experts help you examine legal documents and cash flow statements to ensure every detail is in place. 

As a buyer, you’ll get your money’s worth. And as a seller, you’ll have all the information to sell your brand to the best possible buyer. 

FBA Private Market Pricing

The platform utilizes a simple fee structure where the sellers pay nothing, while the buyer pays a “success fee” once the deal closes. 

This efficient payment strategy allows you to sell your Amazon FBA brand and keep the entire purchase price. 

Contact FBA Private Market 

You can contact the organization by emailing hello@fbaprivatemarket.com for any questions about purchasing or selling your FBA brand. 

Follow FBA Private Market on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more tidbits and information on buying or selling Amazon brands. 

FBA Private Market FAQs

Find answers to urgent inquiries in the frequently asked questions section. 

Discover what it takes to become a verified buyer or what size businesses to list.

The answered questions could help you solve your pressing issues without waiting for customer support agents to attend to your queries. 

Buy and Sell Valuable Assets on FBA Private Market

FBA Private Market allows you to buy and sell Amazon FBA brands confidently and efficiently. You’ll get offers from both independent, professional buyers and top-flight aggregators in one place without worrying about broker fees or commissions. 

The platform performs due diligence for you and ensures your investment is in safe hands. 

Buying or selling an FBA business isn't without its risks, but this exclusive marketplace makes the process seamless for all parties involved.

If you want to buy or sell an Amazon FBA business, but you're unsure of the steps and processes to take, FBA Private Market is your best bet.

Sign up today and become a vetted buyer or seller. And if you’re an MDS member, you’ll get #MDS Only deals—see your private portable for details.