Helium 10: Sell and Manage Your Products on Amazon

Nicholas Godwin

November 9, 2022

Your Amazon business has many moving parts and you need different tools to keep them working well.

The challenge?

Coupling disparate merchant tools can become expensive and hard to manage. You need one tool that matches your business—every detail, every part of it—without the cost.

That tool must cover your product research, competitor analysis, product sourcing, listing optimization, and keyword research.

Helium 10 is that tool.

Million Dollar Sellers trust Helium 10 to help them get the job done without breaking a sweat.

The tool works for growing and scaling your eCommerce brand. This review explores Helium 10’s extensive collection of tools and shows you how to take advantage of them.  

What is Helium 10

Helium 10 hosts a suite of web-based products that helps all types of Amazon merchants manage and sell products. 

The software offers multiple solutions for your brand, from keyword research and product analysis to inventory management. With this tool, you can discover profitable products to sell, improve your listings, rank your items higher on Amazon, etc. 

Helium 10 uses a chrome extension that gives you actionable insights when you’re on Amazon pages. So you have a bird’s eye view of your brand’s performance with the tool. 

 It offers you 20+ tools and business solutions that allow you to grow and scale your Amazon brand. 

Helium 10 Solutions

The software has an extensive collection of smart and user-friendly tools that make your Amazon FBA journey seamless. Helium 10 covers all your eCommerce needs, from product research to analytics, listing optimization, operations, etc.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your Amazon seller journey; Helium 10 has something for you. 

Let’s explore your options. 

Product Research 

Helium 10 offers tools that help you quickly discover potential bestselling products for your brand. 

The tools under this research category allow you to find the best items for your platform by using key metrics at-a-glance and measuring profitability. 

Black Box

This Amazon FBA tool allows you to find the best opportunities from over 450+ million products with advanced filters. 

The product finder helps you discover winning products and ideas that suit your specific niche, needs, or preferences. You can complete hours or days' worth of research by analyzing the price, average monthly sale volume, or potential competitors. 

With Helium 10’s Black Box, you get the data points you need to explore untapped niches and make strategic decisions for your brand. 


Trendster tracks Amazon prices, sales, and trends, allowing you to analyze and determine their seasonality. 

The tool helps you determine if your product will have consistent yearly sales or encounter significant demand fluctuations that would tie up your capital. 

With Trendster, you can pull the trend data you need, identify marketable products, and use their advantage to increase sales. 


This product analysis tool provides actionable insights that help you make informed business decisions. With X-Ray, you get all the numbers you need to view how your items perform compared to your competitors. 

The software helps you validate product opportunities, revenue estimates, sales trends, ad analytics, etc. 

Helium 10 even partnered with Alibaba.com to help you discover the most reliable suppliers for your FBA products. 

Profitability Calculator

With this tool, you can calculate metrics and gauge how much it’ll cost to launch your product. In addition, you get an accurate picture of your profit margins and ROI when you assess costs like shipping, storage fees, and manufacturing rates. 

Helium 10’s Profitability Calculator allows you to estimate your potential profits by analyzing the freight cost, FBA fees, and integral product database. 

Keyword Research

Helium 10’s keyword research tools allow you to discover high-ranking keywords and the best sourcing opportunities for your business. 

They allow you to determine similar products' search volume and power, detect high-ranking keywords and rank higher on Amazon searches. 


With Helium 10’s Cerebro, you can discover the best keywords for your product listings. The tool’s insights allow you to analyze ASINs and find the keywords behind them. 

Cerebro assesses your keywords from multiple angles, allowing you to leverage your competitors’ ranking strategies and gauge effective keywords for your product. 

Thanks to this tool, you can optimize your listings and boost your sales. 

Magnet Keyword Generator

This Amazon Keyword Planner allows you to utilize the largest database of actionable Amazon-related search terms in the market for your business. 

It uses a primary “seed” keyword to uncover an impressive list of organic keywords to expand your listing further. And most of the data comes directly from Amazon. 

Helium 10’s Magnet is built solely for Amazon, which means you get better keywords faster than other competing research tools in the market.  


This keyword extractor allows you to take advantage of frequently searched but misspelled Amazon keywords. 

With Misspellinator, you can use users’ typos to your advantage. 

The tool shows you popular misspellings on Amazon and helps you transform them into massive sales opportunities. 

For example, if you add typos like “Hershies” to your listings, your product comes up when someone misspells the famous chocolate brand. 

Listing Optimization

Helium 10 offers tools that guide you through your listing creation process to produce high-ranking lists. 

The platform’s easy-to-use tools allow you to pack your listings with hundreds of attention-grabbing and relevant keywords. 

With this category's intuitive and automated writing tools, you can craft high-quality lists.  


As the name implies, this tool allows you to resurrect dead keywords and transform them into traffic-generating machines. 

Frankenstein is a one-of-its-kind software that cleans up massive keyword lists and turns them into manageable and optimizable groups. 

It allows you to save time by automatically sorting phrases, removing duplicates and unwanted characters, and reducing your lists to a reasonable number. 


This tool allows you to optimize your listings with the perfect front-end and backend keywords. 

With Scribbles, you avoid missing valuable keywords while writing optimized titles and search term keywords. It also ensures that your listings are relevant and updated.

The tool helps you discover new keywords that Amazon customers use to find similar products.

After using Frankenstein to gather actionable keywords, you can use Scribbles to track the ones you want and include them in your product listings. 

Index Checker

Formerly known as the 5K Checker, this tool allows you to compare your listings to your Amazon competitors. With Helium 10’s Index Checker, you can see which keywords are helping your products rank higher on searches. 

The software also helps you discover bad keywords that could negatively impact your listing and cause high-volume keywords not to rank. 

The Index Checker allows you to discover your competitors' high-ranking keywords for their best-selling products and appropriate them. 

Helium 10 Operations 

The operation tools in this section allow you to manage your business effortlessly with alerts, market updates, and seamless automation. 

The software also offers built-in security tools that put you one step ahead of malware and cyber threats. 

Inventory Management 

This tool simplifies your inventory process and reduces the time spent completing supply orders or logistics. 

You can also customize presets to adjust lead times, shipment speeds, reorder frequency, and other inventory processes. 

With this software, you can complete your Amazon business interactions in one place while paying less.  

Refund Manager or Genie

Amazon FBA reimbursements are a pain in the rear for most Amazon sellers. The eCommerce platform draws out the process, making it difficult for merchants to get refunds for lost or damaged inventory. 

Helium 10’s Genie simplifies the Amazon refund process and ensures you get refunded quickly without doing much work. The tool automates the complicated procedures by verifying the five reasons for FBA reimbursements and sends requests to Amazon. 

Amazon Fraud Detector and Alerts

This tool allows you to detect fraudulent activities by hijackers trying to usurp your Amazon Brand Authority. 

You can protect your Amazon listings from the software’s interactive dashboard. 

Helium 10’s Hijack Alert gives you advanced information on any fake or counterfeit product using your brand’s name and influence. 

The software monitors all your ASINs and contacts you once it detects any suspicious activity on your account.  

Inventory Protector

This handy tool allows you to track every product in your inventory and monitor its rise or decline. Thanks to the software, you know which products to restock quickly and the ones to avoid. 

The Inventory Protector also shields your FBA inventory by limiting the number of items your customers can buy per order. This strategy protects you from shady practices by competitors or coupon stackers and keeps your stock lasting longer. 

Email Automation

Helium 10’s Follow-Up feature allows you to automate customer feedback methods by creating customized thank-you emails. The software sends them out whenever a customer makes a successful purchase from your brand. 

This tool helps you gain organic reviews from consumers while focusing your time on other essential tasks for your business. 

In addition, the data collected from the follow-up emails help you enhance your customer experience and keep them engaged long term. 

Helium 10 Analytics

The software offers analytic tools to help you get the best out of your Amazon FBA business. You can create competitive strategies and better products with intelligent metrics. 

Helium 10 allows you to back your brand decisions with facts and figures displayed in easy-to-read graphs.  

Sales Tracker (Profits)

This tool provides an overview of your brand’s financial health and allows you to make quick decisions that improve your sales strategy. 

With Helium 10’s Profits tool, you can analyze your expenses, income, and general cash flow from a handy analytics dashboard. It also helps you measure your profitability or loss at a glance. 

Market Tracker

This tool gives you daily market updates and suggestions to stay ahead of the curve. You can create a customized market for your products with the smart recommendations and insights pulled directly from Amazon. 

With Helium 10’s Market Tracker, you can make data-informed decisions for your business and increase your profits. 

Keyword Rank Tracker

With this tool, you can monitor and track your organic or sponsored keywords. 

The software shows you how your keywords are performing on your lists, helps you anticipate trends, and devise strategies to outrank competitors. 


The tools in this section help you pull external traffic and grow your revenue with minimal effort. 

With these Helium 10 products, you can effectively manage your marketing and ad-related problems. 


This AI-powered PPC software helps you maximize your advertising ROI while managing the complexities of your Amazon FBA campaign. 

Adtomic uses organic markers such as Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS) to obtain clear pictures of your PPC data. As a result, it enables you to make data-driven business decisions based on the outcome. 

Landing Page Builder (Portals)

This tool allows you to control your traffic and customer journey with conversion-optimized landing pages designed for Amazon sellers. Thanks to the software, you can populate and customize every page with product information from Amazon with minimal stress. 

Helium 10 also helps you create scannable QR codes and URLs for smartphones to drive traffic through your marketing funnel. 

Helium 10 Benefits 

Helium 10 features some of the most advanced research and analytics tools in the industry for Amazon sellers. 

The benefits of using the software are numerous, but we’ll explore some crucial ones. 

User-friendly Interface

The software is excellent for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers. The intuitive dashboard supports better navigation to Helium 10 tools and improves your opportunity to increase sales with your listings. 

You can access all Helium 10 tools from the main menu on the homepage.  

Impressive Collection of Tools and Resources

Helium 10 boasts a wide array of tools designed specifically to improve the brands of Amazon sellers. 

It’s the only Amazon software that does everything other brands do, plus other unique features.  

Powerful Data Analytic Functions

The analytic tools help you analyze and predict market trends to grow and scale your Amazon FBA business. It also personalizes your customers’ experience while interacting with your brand. 

The data from Helium 10 tools allow you to make informed data-driven decisions for your business. 

Easy-to-use Chrome Extension 

Helium 10’s chrome extension provides instant insights and detailed information of your Amazon products. 

You can use the tool to access to resources that help you analyze Amazon data and URL builders for promotions.

SEO-Friendly Tools that Help Your Brand Grow Organically

Helium 10 products like Index Checker and Scribbles help you increase your brand’s visibility to Amazon users. 

It creates a highly-specific and targeted language for your products to gain visibility and traction in the competitive eCommerce world.  

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has multiple premium subscription plans to choose from, depending on the services your brand needs. 

There’s also a free plan if you want to test the waters before committing to anything. However, the free offer has limited access to some tools. 

  • Starter ($39/month)
  • Platinum ($99/month)
  • Diamond ($249/month)
  • Elite ($399/month)
  • Enterprise (a customized solution for agencies and large businesses)

Customer Reviews

Most Helium 10 users found the software’s tools perfect for their Amazon FBA journey. 

It has a 4.5 rating on Reviews.io and glowing commendations from Amazon sellers who used the product. 

One user found the tool especially useful for creating their ad campaigns and selecting keywords for products.

Helium 10 Knowledge Base and Support

The platform has a vast knowledge base with helpful articles for new users looking for the right path to begin their FBA journey. 

You can find everything from a glossary of eCommerce jargon to listing optimization PRO training

Helium 10 also provides 24/7 live support, a help center, and PRO-training.  

Helium 10 FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions by other eCommerce merchants on the platform.

The section covers different issues, from how the software works to Black Box’s data sources. 

You can find answers to pressing issues you might encounter without contacting customer support. 

Manage and Scale your Business with Helium 10

Helium 10 is a comprehensive and valuable tool for Amazon sellers. It has everything you need to start and scale your business. 

From product and keyword research, inventory management, listing optimization, and data analytics, Helium 10 has you covered.  

And if you’re not ready to commit to the software yet, you can test the free option and explore its primary features. 

So, are you ready to build a thriving Amazon FBA empire? 

Then, Helium 10 is the best tool for you.