Gorgias: Boost Profits by Managing Customer Orders and Requests Better

Nicholas Godwin

October 12, 2022

Does answering repetitive emails, managing tickets, wading through your spam box for potentially valuable messages, and handling email orders drain your team’s productivity?

It turns out you’re not alone.

The long hours and high stakes can suck the excitement out of your people’s work. And your bottom line can suffer for it.

But you must cater to your customers' requests to remain in business.

Luckily, top sellers have already figured out how to cut issue resolution time by 34%, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

They use Gorgias to deliver world-class customer service that drives up their ROI and conversion rates.

This review helps you understand how Gorgias can support your eCommerce brand, boost ROI, and improve your customer experience and retention.

What is Gorgias

Gorgias is a helpdesk solutions provider for eCommerce merchants. It empowers you manage and automate your customer interactions from a single application. 

The software allows you to free up time to focus on money-generating activities like customer interactions and requests management. 

More than 7,200 direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses use Gorgias to provide excellent customer support, grow revenue, and improve their brands.

The platform allows you to integrate all your customer service channels including email, SMS, live chat, phone, and social media platforms. And manage everything from your Gorgias dashboard.

You can reply to customer questions in minutes instead of days by automating repetitive tasks. 

Gorgias Features

Gorgias has robust features and solutions for your customer service needs, from a central support channel to automated messages. 

The platform offers multiple support options that help streamline your communications. 

Let’s explore the platform’s features. 

Centralized Support Channels

Gorgias allows you to manage all your communication channels on one platform. As a result, it reduces your first response time by 66%.

You can view your customer conversation history across multiple channels in one app and automate responses to frequently asked questions. 

Gorgias eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between different platforms to view and reply to customers’ messages. Instead, everything’s in place so you can oversee all your tasks, set and manage priorities.

Manage your Emails and Inbox

Gorgias lets you respond to customer emails on time and without friction.

The software brings your store data right into the helpdesk so you can coordinate your store management without opening another browser tab. 

The automation feature allows you to respond to your shoppers’ most common requests automatically. This strategy allows you and your agents to spend less time in your brand’s inbox. 

Additionally, you can tag and assign emails to different team members to improve workflow.  

Simplify your Social Media Platforms

Gorgias helps you manage Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter comments and messages. When a shopper comments on one of your organic or paid posts, it creates a ticket for you. 

The centralized helpdesk allows you to turn social interactions into sales without compromising customer support. 

With Gorgias, you can quickly answer critical questions on social media and automate the less essential ones. 

The software takes the guesswork out of customer replies by presenting in-depth user history across various social media channels. 

Live Chat Conversations

Handle your customers’ requests in real-time with a fast-loading chat widget.  

With Gorgias, you can immediately answer your shoppers’ questions about a product. This swift response to customer inquiries could lead to a 75% increase in direct sales.

The software allows you to promote your products, update orders, issue refunds, and engage with users in real-time. 

Additionally, you can route requests to specific agents or automate responses to commonly asked questions. 

Phone Support

Gorgias helps you to improve your ticket resolution time by 34% with its built-in phone support. 

Your customers can call your support team and get solutions to their complaints without sending emails or DMs.  

Since Gorgias saves your customers’ chats, emails, and phone calls on one dashboard, you can see previous conversations they’ve had with your agents. This technique makes resolving similar issues easier. 

Now, you can focus on the customer’s problem instead of chasing down order confirmation details. 

Smart Autoresponders

With Gorgias, you can create personalized messages that deliver automatically at specified timelines. 

The software automates your emails and tickets with precision and trigger actions based on your customers’ data. You set up rules that inform your automatic replies and leave the rest for Gorgias to handle. 

Autoresponders help you reduce repetitive tasks and ensure your users receive immediate responses to their queries. Your personalized answers allow you to automate up to 40% of your brand’s support activities.

Gorgias Self-Service

This feature lets you take care of basic questions like, “Where is my order?” and save time for other tasks. 

You can create personalized updates to manage routine requests such as product returns, cancellations, or damaged items. 

Gorgias’ Self-service also has safe defaults and customization modes to display only relevant options on each flow. As a result, your customers only see cases that apply to them. 

Additionally, you can manage shipping status requests with self-service and automate 30% of your tickets. 

When your customers click on “Track my order” under self-service, they’ll see updated information on their shipment and complete order details. 

Order Management

Manage orders, refunds, and cancellations efficiently with Georgias’ Macros without leaving your helpdesk. 

With a single button click, you can locate a suitable template, tracking number, customer details, and auto-populate responses. 

The software’s data-rich macros help you create chat templates with predictive typing and customized messages based on user info and details. Gorgias pulls the necessary information directly from your eCommerce platform. 

Gorgias macros also trigger Shopify actions such as order cancellations and refunds, allowing you to speed up order management queries. 

You can also send a macro to discourage customers from canceling their subscription by suggesting alternative solutions. 

Revenue Dashboard

Gorgias helps you track the conversations and customers that increase your brand’s revenue. For example, you can measure your support team's impact on your product sales.

This feature helps you reward your agents based on their customer conversion rates and generated revenue.

The dashboard also provides an overview of your brand’s overall performance by reviewing customer satisfaction scores, response, and resolution times. 

You can optimize your brand strategies by identifying the tickets that sold more than others. And analyze their details to understand what works for your customers and what needs improvement. 

Live Statistics

Monitor all your channels, agent activity, and ticket volume with Gorgias. You can view your team’s hard work and effort in real-time with live statistics. 

The software allows you to anticipate spikes in ticket volume before it happens and react appropriately to the situation. In addition, it provides microscopic details on which team member is working on what case without needing to interfere in their process. 

Gorgias allows you to use heat maps or tags to identify the timelines your team is needed the most. 

Additionally, Gorgias helps you conduct an accurate self-evaluation of your brand to determine areas that need improvement. It also fuels teamwork as everyone collaborates on new strategies to improve customer service and reduce resolution time. 

Customer Survey

Gorgias allows you to gather feedback from your customers and improve your services based on their responses. Discover what makes your users happy and keep them coming back for more. 

You build customer loyalty by going the extra mile to understand your customers' feelings about your products and services. 

The satisfaction surveys promote the ease and comfort of your users, allowing them to say how they truly feel.  

You can monitor customer satisfaction (CSAT) to discover the levers that make the most difference to your clients. 

Additionally,  matching CSAT and qualitative feedback helps you understand why your customers rated your products five stars or two. 

Gorgias Benefits 

The software provides several advantages for your brand. It not only satisfies your customers but also improves your sales and revenue. 

Designed Specifically for eCommerce

The platform helps eCommerce brands to provide efficient customer service to their users. You can transform your business operations with intelligent helpdesk services such as live chat and autoresponders. 

Automating your chatbots with Gorgias allows your website to run 24/7, solving basic customer queries and redirecting users to appropriate sources. And if the client needs additional help that self-service can’t handle, the software auto-generates a support ticket. 

Gorgias also integrates with CRM software to obtain customer data and personalize their experience with your brand. 

Designed to help eCommerce merchants, Gorgias allows you to increase your conversion rates by promptly handling customer queries. 

Saves Time and Money

Gorgias allows you to improve your response time with powerful automation and personalized templates. For example, you can set rules to prioritize various inquiries based on order history, customer info, or channel. So, even when you’re out, your customers know you’re there for them. 

The software’s inbuilt calculator helps you discover how much money your business saves when using the platform. 

You also save money and time by automating the customer support process to free up your employees to work on other tasks. Additionally, it eliminates the need for anyone to work overtime, saving your company a large chunk of money. 

Increases Productivity 

The software allows you to increase your daily productivity levels by 40%. 

With Gorgias, you can enable the auto-close rule to declutter your workstation from unsolicited emails. 

So, you’ll spend your time taking care of your customers instead of wading through spam messages. 

The auto-tag feature allows you to organize your workflow and create views based on customer intent, sentiment, and other available parameters. 

You could set the rule to auto-tag shoppers with previous orders exceeding a certain amount in the past month. 

Once you’ve set rules in place, Gorgias will comb through every ticket while you focus on brand operations. 

Improves Revenue

Efficient customer support is the ground zero of eCommerce. Every ticket is an opportunity to create deeper customer relationships and convert more sales. 

Gorgias equips your team with the best tools to leverage your product and boost your numbers. 

You can monitor your brand’s progress with live statistics and support performance to measure areas of your business that need improving. 

Reduces Human Errors

In addition to speeding up your first response time and customer support value, Gorgias helps you avoid common human errors. 

The software’s automation is effective for simple or repetitive customer encounters that might become tiresome for human agents. 

Gorgias keeps the messages on-brand and mistakes to a minimum. 

You can create automated customer service scripts to maintain a consistent brand voice. This strategy offers your users a consistent experience and eliminates room for miscommunication.  

How to Use Gorgias

Download the Gorgias chrome extension and install it. 

Log into your helpdesk to create or manage customer tickets, audit logs, design satisfaction surveys, etc. 

The platform has video tutorials to help with the basics of setting up your account views. 

You can also assign tickets, leave internal notes, or perform bulk actions with the software. 

Gorgias Integrations

The software integrates with several eCommerce platforms to improve your helpdesk and customer service. 

With over 20 native plugins, Gorgias is quite adaptable and versatile. It supports apps like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, ShipMonk, ShipBob, and more.

Gorgias also partners with Klaviyo, a customer data and marketing automation platform that utilizes transactional and behavioral data to improve communication levels.  

Gorgias Pricing

Gorgias offers both a monthly and yearly subscription service. There’s also a free version of the software where you schedule a demo and learn about Gorgias’ features.

The platform offers a Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise Plan, which increase based on your usage and the company’s needs. 

Customer Reviews

Several users have praised Gorgias for its excellent support, onboarding experiences, and ease of use.

The platform has a 4.6 rating on the Shopify app store. 

The TruWood brand dubbed Gorgias a godsend that helped them increase their revenue with 62x ROI. 

The automation feature allowed another eCommerce store, Emuaid, to maintain a Customer Support Performance score of 5/5. They also reduced the resolution time to 2 minutes. 

Gorgias Support

Gorgias provides 24/7 customer support with live chat reps, a vast knowledge base, and support documentation on the platform. It also supports training and webinars for your agents.  

There are also video tutorials on the website and a closed Facebook community for current users. You can join peer discussions, pick up new tips, and interact with other eCommerce merchants. 

Gorgias FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions in the FAQ section

The platform covers different issues, from enabling browser notifications to how to set up a custom domain. Answered questions could help you handle your agents and customers better. 

Optimize your Customer Interactions with Gorgias

Gorgias offers everything you need to improve your customer service and drive sales. It allows you to automate your messages, increase productivity, and centralize your communication channels and optimize your workflow. 

The software works for all business sizes, from small businesses to enterprise users. Also, Gorgias integrates with almost every eCommerce platform allowing your grow as you find fit. 

Ready to satisfy your shoppers and turn them into loyal customers?

Start using Gorgias for free.