Getida: Reconcile Data and Inventory

Nicholas Godwin

September 13, 2022

Your business is growing, but your data and inventory management is a growing mess.

You know you must fix it. But you’ve procrastinated because running a successful business is hard work.

So, your virtuous enterprise is breeding a vicious circle, draining your energy, and even costing you money.

Luckily, as entrepreneurs, we know that problems have solutions.

And the solution is Getida.

Getida helps you break that vicious chain without hurting your business and even allows you to enjoy Amazon reimbursements.

Amazon might owe you refunds for inventory damage or lost items without knowing it.

Inventory loss happens about 1% to 3% of the time. And if you sell millions of dollars in products, you’d lose tens of thousands of dollars.

This review helps you understand Amazon reimbursements and shows you how Getida can help audit your account and file and manage refund claims for FREE.

What is Getida?

Getida is an acronym for “Get Intelligent Data Analytics” and serves multiple Amazon marketplaces globally.

The platform uses software and a dedicated team to create an end-to-end service for your business. It helps track your FBA reports, discovers overlooked FBA discrepancies, provides insights from your data, and uses them to secure maximum recovery.  

Getida monitors your FBA claims status until your funds get reimbursed into your account. 

The platform actively improves your FBA operations by maintaining a cordial relationship with Amazon and using its connections to file your refund claims. 

Getida Solutions

Getida provides affordable solutions for your business, from inventory reconciliation to data analytics and account audit.

The team, which includes ex-Amazonians, helps you locate complex claim types and guides you on best practices for your brand.

Let’s explore Getida’s solutions for your Amazon FBA business.

Inventory Reconciliation

Getida allows you to manage your inventory without hassles by tracking everything sales-related. It handles the mundane and routine work while you face other pressing business needs. 

The software utilizes seller data analytics designed especially for FBA sellers to ensure your stock records match reality. 

With Getida, you can easily reconcile your FBA inventory in situations involving lost or damaged stocks. In addition, they help you remove defective items from your list without delay and communicate with your suppliers about the issue. 

After analyzing your records, the team opens cases for reimbursement purposes where necessary and helps you save money with Amazon.

Claim Management

Once Getida identifies potential FBA reimbursement claims, it assigns dedicated case managers to file and follow up on your Amazon cases. These Claim Specialists help you present and manage your issues with Amazon effectively. 

Afterward, the Claim Engine will audit your data following an 18-month look-back period, creating and filing an internal queue of claims. 

Your case manager will file the cases with Amazon on your behalf, ensuring they’re error-free and substantial to avoid rejections from the platform. 

You can easily track the details of all the claims the team handles for you from your dashboard to observe your progress in real-time. 

Getida is fully customizable and allows you to manage your claims with little or no input from the team. Your business, your rules. 

Case Managers

The average unrecovered Amazon FBA fee averages as much as 3% of your annual revenue. Depending on the size of your business, these overcharges could represent a significant loss and affect your brand’s profitability. 

Getida understands that you might be busy handling other affairs to file and follow through on reimbursement claims. So it appoints dedicated case managers to do the grunt work for you. 

These case managers or claim specialists are former Amazon employees and are familiar with the company's inner workings. As a result, they understand the best practices for filing successful claims and complying with Amazon’s requirements.

Your case managers analyze your data with Getida’s software, reconcile your Amazon FBA inventory, and file reimbursement claims when necessary.  

Data Analytics

The platform boasts an advanced technology that can sustain constant auditing of mass data in real-time. As a result, the software doesn’t overlook any process and offers your business comprehensive audit coverage.  

Getida discovers new claims for you to file and saves the reports on your dashboard where you can follow up at any time. 

The software is an authorized Amazon provider, so it’s trustworthy and compliant in matters involving data security, privacy, and data policies.  

The data Getida collects is for the sole purpose of helping you and your brand. And if you decide to cancel the service, the platform erases all data related to your business. 

Amazon Account Audit

Getida applies the results from your data audits to help you file different reimbursement claims, such as:

Returns Audit

Here you get reimbursed if:

  • Amazon didn't pay out your claim
  • There was a return overcharge 
  • Amazon accepted the wrong returned item
  • The item was damaged after the customer returned it, or
  • The customer got refunded without returning the product

Accounting Audit

Here you get refunded if:

  • Amazon wrongfully charges you for weight or dimension inventory 
  • Your account was credited more than charged
  • You received chargeback without reimbursement
  • Your refund isn’t correlative to the lost item’s value, or
  • There’s a reimbursement error

Warehouse Audit

Here you get reimbursed if:

  • Your stock was damaged or lost in the warehouse
  • Your inventory was mismanaged or miscounted from inbound shipments in the last nine months
  • Amazon destroys certain items in your list without your knowledge or consent

Shipping Audit

Here you get reimbursed if:

  • The carrier damaged your incoming inventory 
  • Your customer never received an item marked for delivery
  • Your removal order was damaged or lost in transit 

Available Inventory Level Audit

Getida monitors your inventory levels to ensure nothing goes missing. In addition, the team manages inventory analysis, replacement, removal orders, and more.  

How Getida Reimbursements Work

Getida uses automation and a dedicated service team to handle your reimbursements from start to finish while you focus on sales. 

The software analyzes your data and reconciles your inventory, filing reimbursement claims with a dedicated team of case managers.

After filing an FBA claim, there’s usually a back-and-forth between Amazon and the team before reaching any resolution.

The software will audit through 18 months of data and transaction history to uncover discrepancies. And once your case managers locate a disparity, they file refund claims.

Getida monitors the process until your repayment is safely in your account while you focus on your business’ growth.

Getida Benefits

Getida works with different Amazon sellers—from small brands to large ones. Every Amazon seller is eligible to join the platform and access all its services for free.

Let’s explore the benefits of using Getida.

Maximize Your FBA Refunds 

Getida helps you get reimbursements for everything from product returns to accidents and damages. 

With the software and dedicated claim managers, you can harness the total value of your inventory. 

Getida audits your financial and logistical transactions to discover discrepancies you might have overlooked and files claims for you. 

Product discrepancy rate ranges between 1% to 3%, meaning for every 100 units shipped to Amazon FBA, about one to three units are affected. Getida understands this logic and uses it to maximize the recovery of your eligible FBA refunds.

The software allows you to turn a weakness into a strength for your business by avoiding a double loss.

Get Tracking Updates and Full Reimbursement 

You can track your progress and stay updated with Getida’s interactive dashboard. It allows you to monitor your file claims and reimbursement activities in real-time from your account.  

Getida offers free data analytics, FBA refund estimates, and complete visibility into your Amazon account.  

The auditing software tracks everything from inventory transactions and seller data analytics to FBA reimbursements. 

Getida also notifies you when it’s time to claim your refunds.  

Focus On Brand Growth and Scaling

Getida saves you the stress of sifting through barrages of reports to focus on other critical aspects of running your business. It handles the entire process while you monitor your progress and claim the refund at the end. 

The platform makes the Amazon FBA reimbursement process quite simple, so you worry less about money and focus more time on your business. 

Getida handles all your FBA reconciliation needs with its award-winning technology and offers value to your Amazon business. 

Personalized Account Management and Support 

Getida boasts a team of specialists that handles each account for their various customers. The service is available for all Amazon sellers—small and large brands included. 

The platform’s personalized support system helps you file and monitor claims until your money is safely in your account. 

Getida customizes its services to fit every seller’s needs, regardless of what Amazon product you sell. 

You’ll gain access to top industry professionals with an unmatched passion for managing seller problems. 

Easy to Integrate

The platform is user-friendly and does all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need any coding knowledge to navigate Getida’s dashboard. 

Once you hand over access to your Amazon account, Getida handles all the complex deployments. It analyzes your Amazon data and locates discrepancies needed to file claims. 

All you have to do is observe the progress from your dashboard. 

Getida Partners

Getida helps you connect with different e-Commerce solutions to grow and improve your Amazon brand. 

Some of Getida’s partners include: 

Buy Box Experts 

Created by former Amazonians, this agency utilizes its Amazon knowledge and experience to improve the lives of other sellers.

It manages multiple Amazon marketplaces across the globe for various clients, accelerating and optimizing business operations.


This platform delivers several financial solutions, including working capital, business analytical tools, and cross-border cash management for e-Commerce sellers. 

Helium 10 

This all-in-one software helps Amazon sellers optimize and automate their business processes to maximize their potential. It offers everything from product research to free analytics and marketing tools. 

Seller Labs

The platform provides scalable and affordable solutions for your e-Commerce needs. In addition, it helps you drive revenue and gain valuable insights through data and software. 

Getida Toolkit

Getida offers free FBA Weight & Dimensions Tracker and Profit & Loss Tracker templates for your business. 

This downloadable tool helps you assess and measure the length, width, height, and weight of your FBA products. 

You can save the dimensions on the spreadsheet for future reference.   

Getida Pricing

Joining Getida is free, but the platform charges 25% from successful FBA reimbursements. 

For example, if you get $100 from your first claim, you’ll pay Getida $25 for services rendered. 

Getida asks you to provide your payment information when you sign up for the platform. 

They’ll bill you monthly for all reports and successful claims on your account. 

The platform accepts all major credit cards and encrypts your data with Stripe

What People Are Saying About Getida

Most users found Getida’s services useful for their FBA needs. 

Some of them loved how easy the platform made claiming Amazon reimbursements. 

According to Danielle Jone, the software helped her business increase its overall revenue. 

TrustSpot records a 9.49/10 rating and 127 reviews from verified users, with 112 of them giving it five stars. 

Getida Support

The platform has a helpdesk and support team to answer any questions you might have about the reimbursement process or other business inquiries. 

You can call or email them and get a response within 24 hours.  

Getida FAQs

The platform also has a FAQ section with answers to commonly asked questions. 

You can find everything you need, from how much Getida charges to how the claim process works. 

The answered questions could help you solve your pressing issues without waiting for customer agents to attend to your queries. 

Get Hassle-Free FBA Refunds with Getida

Most Amazon FBA sellers are unaware of their eligibility to receive reimbursements. But once they discover the feature, they quickly make the most of it. 

Getida offers you extra money in your pocket. No risk involved. 

The software provides practical solutions for your business with a performance-based payment plan that audits and reconciles your inventory. And you only pay for the service when your reimbursement claim is successful. 

You can skip all the hassles and trial and error stages of filing FBA claims and enjoy your refunds.

It's worth a shot exploring Getida to avoid leaving money on the table, especially if your business needs the funds to succeed. 

Unlock your FBA reimbursements today.