Marketing Intern (US)

Role Summary:

We are looking to hire a Marketing Intern to join our growing team. An aspiring professional in his/her/their career, the ideal candidate will provide support to the company’s branding team. You’ll be assisting in creating cutting-edge content for our social media platforms, events, and merchandise. Being a small startup, there will be the opportunity to contribute, wear a variety of hats, and take ownership within your designated areas of responsibility.

Beyond your experience, we are also looking for someone professional and reliable, someone that can follow through and hold accountability to the team. The Marketing Intern will be responsible to maintain a working understanding of the company and its vision in order to effectively and efficiently conduct duties and responsibilities. You will help organize details and ensure that required deliverables are consistently above and beyond. 

This role is 100% remote work. You’re expected to work full time and independently outside of our weekly meetings and communicate with the team through slack, ClickUp, Airtable, and Facebook. You can have your own schedule but are expected to be working during regular business hours and be evaluated based on your outputs.


The ideal candidate should have the following hard and soft skills:

  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate course for marketing, communications, or similar field.
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and social media platforms
  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have a passion for marketing
  • Outstanding multitasking abilities

Here are some examples of your expected workload & objectives:

  • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends.
  • Assist with daily administrative duties.
  • Design and present new social media campaign ideas.
  • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback.
  • Create a Social Media Content Calendar 1 month in advance with content from our events, partnerships, and community. 
  • Manage Instagram, Linkedin, FB , Twitter, and Youtube posts with copywriting that is relevant to our industry and enticing which will increase organic traffic. 
  • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content.
  • Contribute to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content.
  • Perform all necessary paperwork; ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Perform other work-related tasks that may be requested
  • Keeping up with technologies used in social media
  • Tracking customer engagement to optimize campaign content
  • Establishing relationships/networks of industry professionals or influencers on social media
  • Knowledge of various design tools and applications
Company Perks:

The salary & benefits package:

Salary: To be discussed with the hiring team

As for the benefits:

  • Benefits will be discussed during the recruitment process

About the Recruitment:

We are looking for a candidate that is ready to start as soon as possible. There are a number of pre-interview documents,  HR Interview, and test tasks that will need to be completed before the final interview with the CEO. If you are chosen for the role, we will provide a contract and expect you to begin within the week. The onboarding will be broken up into 3 periods over 90 days where you will go through training, have your performance tracked, and then be put on our ongoing employment status.

The initial application has two (2) parts, should take about an hour to complete, and has components that may not be paused midway. Please make sure you manage your time accordingly.

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About the Organization:

Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) is a growing community of over 400 successful e-commerce entrepreneurs who collectively generate more than 4 billion US Dollars in revenue on the Amazon marketplace. Our members are all very like-minded & driven CEOs who rely on our highly active and engaging community to grow their businesses and networks. Being the #1 group for successful Amazon sellers, we continuously host a series of weekly, monthly, and annual events online and in-person worldwide, which bridges the gap from online to offline relationships.

Our Core Values:

  • Give More, Get More - We interact with an abundance mindset to unlock the maximum potential of MDS. We focus on how we can help out fellow members before ourselves.
  • The Group Comes First - We are stronger when unified and when we leverage the power of the group, we all share in the rewards.
  • What Would Mom Say - We are ethical, kind, respectful of others, and treat member contributions with implied confidentiality. We make sure that “Mom” would approve of how we conduct ourselves within the MDS community and in our businesses.
  • Like-Minded & Driven - We connect on a deep level because we can all relate to each other. We are fighting the same fight and enjoy life together in similar ways.
  • Show Up - We engage with our fellow members which nurtures the relationships that can break open a facet of our business or life that was untapped. We make efforts to be present in the virtual group, the video calls, and face-to-face meetups to maximize the value of MDS.
  • Proven - There is a reason we are all here. We have already accomplished so much in our own right and we trust that those who have a seat at the table have earned their place.