Community Ambassador

Role Summary:

Join our team as our Membership Liaison, where you will play a pivotal role in shaping and growing the most prestigious community of ecommerce sellers worldwide. We're searching for a charismatic, outgoing candidate brimming with persuasive selling capabilities and a knack for engaging conversation.

As our Membership Liaison your role is much more than sales; you're the initial point of contact, the friendly face, and the bridge connecting potential members to our exciting community. You'll forge and nurture relationships, ensuring each member feels valued, understood, and primed for success. With every conversation, your goal will be to prioritize our members' needs and ensure they continuously derive exceptional value from our community.

A thrilling perk of this role is the opportunity to travel globally, attend industry-leading events, and network with some of the most innovative minds in ecommerce. These experiences will not only offer enriching professional development but also a chance to forge lifelong connections within the industry.

This role is 100% remote work. You’re expected to work full-time and independently outside of our weekly meetings and communicate with the team through Slack, ClickUp, Airtable, and Facebook. You can set your own schedule but are expected to work during regular business hours and be evaluated based on your outputs.

  • Proven capability to build relationships at industry events, recognizing and pursuing potential community members.
  • Demonstrated experience in driving discussions forward, influencing decision-makers, and closing deals in high-stakes, face-to-face environments.
  • Willingness to travel and familiarity with global ecommerce markets, adapting to regional differences.
  • Prior exposure to Amazon FBA Private Label and a deep understanding of e-commerce business objectives.
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills, adept at engaging, persuading, and fostering meaningful connections.
  • A passion for representing and promoting brand values across events, podcasts, and social media.
  • Ability to multitask, maintain strategic databases, craft member communications, and manage a member pipeline.
  • Forward-thinking, data-driven decision-making capabilities with the capacity to adapt based on feedback and trends.
  • Moderate experience with tools such as Excel, Clickup, Facebook, Airtable, etc., and the ability to troubleshoot issues independently.
  • Effective collaboration skills, building strong relationships across diverse teams and being receptive to feedback.
  • Flexibility in approach, aligning with changing member needs, industry trends, and company objectives.

  • Prioritize attendance at premier ecommerce events globally, engaging and profiling potential members.
  • Understand the unique needs and challenges of potential members and actively introduce them to our community's benefits.
  • Proactively engage potential members, nurturing these contacts, and emphasizing the community's value proposition.
  • Convert potential members into active community participants.
  • Foster strong industry relationships, setting up strategic meetings, and pipelining candidates into the community.
  • Secure invitations to relevant industry podcasts and forums, representing and promoting our community's values and vision.
  • Champion the brand across diverse channels, including events, social media, and podcasts, establishing key industry partnerships.
  • Lead potential members through a seamless onboarding process, ensuring they integrate effectively and derive immediate value.
  • Gather and act on member feedback, recommending changes in member interactions based on industry trends.
  • Research potential members and maintain a strategic database.
  • Craft member communications including information guides, welcome notes, and event scripts.
  • Collaborate with the leadership team, aligning goals with member relationships, and submitting regular activity and results reports.
  • Attend and provide updates during weekly team meetings.

Company Perks:

Compensation & benefits package:

Compensation: $3,200/mo as an independent contractor

Bonus Opportunities
: We deeply value open communication and alignment with our team. Our bonus policy is a reflection of this ethos. Through regular check-ins, we assess performance based on adherence to core values, effectiveness in roles, and progress toward personal and professional objectives. Bonuses are awarded in recognition of these comprehensive achievements, ensuring that success in our company is holistically acknowledged and rewarded. Join us for a dynamic and rewarding experience, where your contribution matters beyond just the numbers.

About the Recruitment:

We are looking for a candidate that is ready to start as soon as possible. There are a number of stages in our recruitment process: the initial application, the HR interview, a skills test, and finally, the executive interview. Each of these stages is essential and must be completed before proceeding to the next one.

If you are chosen for the role, we will provide a contract and expect you to begin within the week. The onboarding will be broken up into three periods over 90 days where you will go through training, have your performance tracked, and then be put on our ongoing employment status.

The initial application is the first stage of our process. It consists of two (2) parts, should take about an hour to complete, and has components that may not be paused midway. Please make sure you manage your time accordingly. After the initial application, successful candidates will be invited for an HR interview, followed by a skills test. The final stage will be an executive interview with our CEO.

We hope that you are excited about this opportunity and look forward to your application.

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About the Organization:

Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) is a growing community of over 400 successful e-commerce entrepreneurs who collectively generate more than 4 billion US Dollars in revenue on the Amazon marketplace. Our members are all very like-minded & driven CEOs who rely on our highly active and engaging community to grow their businesses and networks. Being the #1 group for successful Amazon sellers, we continuously host a series of weekly, monthly, and annual events online and in-person worldwide, which bridges the gap from online to offline relationships.

Our Core Values:

  • Give More, Get More - We interact with an abundance mindset to unlock the maximum potential of MDS. We focus on how we can help out fellow members before ourselves.
  • The Group Comes First - We are stronger when unified and when we leverage the power of the group, we all share in the rewards.
  • What Would Mom Say - We are ethical, kind, respectful of others, and treat member contributions with implied confidentiality. We make sure that “Mom” would approve of how we conduct ourselves within the MDS community and in our businesses.
  • Like-Minded & Driven - We connect on a deep level because we can all relate to each other. We are fighting the same fight and enjoy life together in similar ways.
  • Show Up - We engage with our fellow members which nurtures the relationships that can break open a facet of our business or life that was untapped. We make efforts to be present in the virtual group, the video calls, and face-to-face meetups to maximize the value of MDS.
  • Proven - There is a reason we are all here. We have already accomplished so much in our own right and we trust that those who have a seat at the table have earned their place.