Nick Shucet (00:00.876)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Sellers Podcast. Today we have Alberto on the call. Alberto is a pretty interesting guest. He came from Brazil and found success on Amazon. He did five million in revenue this past year and what I also really like is he's got 50% of his business off Amazon and he's gonna share some of the things that have helped him be successful off of Amazon as well so definitely stick around for that information.

It's great to catch up with Alberto. I got to meet him in Miami at the beginning of the year at the yacht party. Have you been to anything like that, Alberto, since then?

Alberto Gomes (00:42.206)

A yacht party like that, big like that, no, was my first time for all these people, these amazing people there, like three big yachts. It was not only one, it was three, remember? It was a really cool day.

Nick Shucet (00:56.14)

Alberto, you were one of the ones who stuck around, cause some people got picked up on the boat, right? Went back to the airport or whatever they had to do, but I remember coming back into Miami and there was just a select group of us on there. The music was just pumping, everybody was dancing, and the drinks were flowing. That was such a good time.

Definitely a big hat tip to the MDS event team for putting that one on.

Alberto Gomes (01:25.026)

Definitely, it was such a great time. As you said, especially at the end, when you have everyone gathered together, whoever was in all the boats, everyone, every person was in one boat, having fun, the music, the drinks, and everything. It was really fun.

Nick Shucet (01:40.916)

The sushi chef man, the big water slide. I'll have to throw in some clips of the yacht party if you guys are able to fit that into the podcast episode.

Alberto Gomes (01:45.884)

It was fun. It was really fun.

Nick Shucet (01:56.78)

Well, it's good to catch up with you and give you a chance to share your story. I think you've got a great one, coming from another country, coming to America, and doing what you've been able to accomplish. For those of the listeners who don't know you yet, why don't you go ahead and just tell us where you're from, what brought you here, and what led you to get into Amazon?

Alberto Gomes (02:22.262)

I am from Rio. I don't know if you have ever been to Rio.

Nick Shucet (02:27.552)

I have not, man. It's on the list of places to go.

Alberto Gomes (02:31.263)

I'm trying to prepare a big trip for the next year in Rio for MDS members. I'm going to keep you posted about it and everyone for the carnival and everything. We're looking forward to that. I'm from Rio. I came to the U.S. seven years ago. I was on vacation here. I met my wife here, actually. I was pretty interested. No, I came here in August and then December came again to look for business here, to start something and then I met my wife, and we started dating.

Then went back to Brazil and then started long-distance dating and then I came back here in 2016. This was 2015, December 2016, and February I was here, back here and then when I was here I still have my business in Brazil. It's an office there with the insurance.

Alberto Gomes (03:26.242)

And then here I was like just looking what to do, looking at which opportunities I could have as a business here. I did all the insurance... I was supposed to start an insurance agency here too, so I did all the tests and everything for... I got all my licenses for insurance. At the time I was studying and getting my license for insurance, I discovered Amazon.

When I discovered Amazon, I just went deep into studying direct-to-private labels and never did wholesale or retail arbitrage or anything like that. It's really interesting for my business because I always had the idea to have my own brand so this was an opportunity for me to have a supply in China make my product do something different on the product have my brand on it and then sell.

Then I could not only sell online, which caught me at the time as I said, oh, I'm not going to do a sale online. I'm going to create a valuation for my brand. From there, I started with my first product. We are in the eco-friendly niche here, so we're passionate about what to do. My wife and I, have this business together. We have this brand, which we have 100 SKUs.

For me, it's really interesting because it's not my first language, English, so at the time when I was studying, a lot of stuff that I was studying, I was not having the challenge to learn about it, but to learn in English was an interesting challenge for me. That's where we are right now. Right now have a brand setting on Amazon, off Amazon, and everything.

Nick Shucet (05:10.68)

That's a tough man to throw in learning a new language and learning about a business, man. I can't even really imagine that. I know it's definitely pretty difficult, but kudos to you to figure that stuff out. I'm sure the health of your brain got a little stronger from having to learn all that information, right? They say learning a new language, it's like a mental workout for your brain so good on you for that.

Alberto Gomes (05:40.502)

I did both actually. It's really interesting because I used the business to help me to learn English. When you study English, you can watch a video and learn from the video. I was learning from the video and learning the business at the same time. I always pause it, okay, which was that? Then take a note and stuff. It's pretty interesting.

Nick Shucet (06:03.724)

Nice. You said it was 2015. How old were you when you got started?

Alberto Gomes (06:10.758)

I'm 41 right now, so 34. I'm 41 now. My business, no. When I came here it was 2016. My business started in 2018 but my business, but all this time I was doing other stuff, like I told you, insurance. I'm from Vegas, so I work in some events here at the time and everything. Trying to figure it out until I discovered Amazon. Then Amazon started in 2018, end of 2018, November. Basically, when you ask about my business, as a business that has a cash flow and everything going on, was 2019.

Nick Shucet (06:55.028)

Okay. How much did you get started in 2018? How much money did you put into the Amazon business?

Alberto Gomes (07:03.198)

We put to any $2,500 at the time, besides the money we spent to register the business and also the brand. We start here. What I learned was that MVP is really low to start at the time like, oh, the minimum viable product is really low for us. You can start with a product, for example, if the product is $2, a thousand units, or 500 units is $1,000, a thousand units is $2,000.

I can work on that and then we start growing from there, from the first product to the second, and third, and then we lead to have a hundred SKUs growing outside Amazon at the same time we like making money on Amazon.

Nick Shucet (07:45.076)

Okay, nice. What else did you have going on during this time in your life? It sounds like you were juggling a couple of different things, maybe in addition to a relationship, right?

Alberto Gomes (07:56.098)

Before Amazon you mean?

Nick Shucet (07:58.124)

Well, you said you were doing the insurance agency, the insurance agent thing for a while. Did you stop doing that and move to Amazon, or was there a period of time when you were doing both?

Alberto Gomes (08:10.122)

The story about that is really interesting because I started studying to get my license. Property and Casualty and the Health and Life Insurance. It's really, actually, that was my first challenge with English. I did everything in English. It was really, really interesting too because of big books like that. I don't know if anybody who is listening to this did the insurance or has the test for insurance.

I did the test, I studied like crazy, I did everything, and then when you have your license, you start getting opportunities to work with a company or to have your own agency. I was looking forward to having my own agency and then I had an interview with some companies for them to sponsor me. They're gonna sponsor you, have your own agency, or buy an agency that already exists.

At the time, I did everything with one of the big companies in the US, and then I was starting my own agency, was doing the training inside there and everything. When I was doing that, I discovered Amazon. When I discovered Amazon, the thing is I was looking to have an opportunity to have a business, how to have freedom. At the time when I was looking at what I was gonna do, I was gonna have employees under my agency, I was gonna have an agency that I needed to go there every day.

I was looking and thinking, oh, it is what I want right now, I want freedom, I want to travel around the world, I want to do other stuff, I don't want to be stuck in an office. I don't think this makes sense to me, so I took the action to go full-on Amazon. It's like I need to make this happen. That's what I did. I made it happen because it was the opportunity for me to have my freedom.

At the time when I started my first product, I literally burned my bridge. I went to the island and burned my boat because I sold my car. We went on a three-month stay in Portugal. Then my wife left her job right when we started still selling one product. Then we went full experience living in Europe at the time and working on Amazon at the same time.

Which means we rented a house here and went there. If it doesn't work, we will have a big problem because you won't have anything back. We need to make it happen. We did, we make it happen. We just went full on that. I believed that this was a great business after everything that I studied. All the data I learned about it because this business is interesting because you learn from the data.

Now you don't put a product to sell. You know what's the demand. You know everything you just need to do a good job. That's what I did. The full story is that.

Nick Shucet (11:10.209)

It sounds so easy, when you talk about it, right? You make it sound like, oh yeah, I sold this, sold that, quit my job, moved here. What was that like for you at the moment? Was it a little scary and you just had a lot of confidence in yourself or were you just focused on living life on your own terms so you were just okay with what you had to do? What was that conversation like in your head that led you to make that decision?

Alberto Gomes (11:46.922)

To be honest with you, just for me to be here talking to you right now in English, being part of this group, it's something that it's not easy for where I came from because honestly where I came from is like a really poor area and everything. When I talk about this, I already have a different mindset. My mindset is I can do whatever I want if I focus and do it.

I don't know if you believe in that, I believe in like law of attraction and everything, whatever you wanna attract to your life, you're gonna have it if you think about this and you have to make sure in your mind that this is gonna make sense, this is gonna happen, this is gonna work. That's what I did. I had something in hand that, okay, I have this business to make happen, I need to make it happen somehow.

That's why we need to have the opportunity to start building the brand outside Amazon at the same time because instead of waiting for Amazon to make more cash flow, we start having the money from Amazon and investing on our D2C side and then later on our B2B business, which we're going to talk about here. I have this mindset, Nick, that whatever I want to do, I'm going to do in my life, for my body, for my health, for business.

The power of the mind is incredible. I really believe in that. I'm a big fan of Tony Robbins, for example, I always talk about that. I'm proof of that. I'm here, I'm in a different country, different culture. I left something behind that... not left behind, I still have my friends there and everything, of course. What I mean left here, I grew so much in a different environment and made it happen that I believe you can do it.

If it's scary, oh, I don't know if this is gonna happen of course it's not easy life is not easy. Life is hard, man. Life is not easy but we need to make it happen. You know how I feel like the thing I have for my life you have two choices in your life: you have an easy life now and a hard life later or a hard life now and an easy life later. That's how I used to look forward to my life.

That's why it's like, of course, it's not easy. I'm talking here, oh, everyone, everybody gonna make this happen. Maybe not, but you need to first believe in yourself and believe in whatever you learn because you cannot do everything in your life only thinking that you can do it. You need to learn how to do it. It's important. You need tools to do it. That's how I feel. That's how I live, try to.

Nick Shucet (14:32.184)

It's a great story, man. I 100% agree with you. I'm a big believer in the mindset stuff and the law of attraction. I've had some pretty unique experiences myself. You know, it seems magical, right? When you look back on it, it's real, man. If you believe in yourself and you live your life out that way then these things will happen for you. Really all you have to do is not give up, right?

I think that's what makes us a little bit different entrepreneurs, right? For good or bad, we just don't give up. We keep going to get what we believe in.

Alberto Gomes (15:19.722)

We keep going. We pivot. The business is gonna happen anyway. It's not happening this way right now. Let me pivot a little bit, see what I'm doing, and what I can do differently. That's exactly what I'm doing right now, especially after Million Dollar Sellers. I have been doing so much new stuff and getting much better results because I'm learning from the best people.

I'm learning with the best group and stuff. Was good before, was like doing, I was doing good before, now I'm gonna do better, I'm doing better because I learned more. Then that's how you do for your life or for a business or whatever you wanna do.

Nick Shucet (16:02.468)

How was it coming into the group with the mindset, the growth mindset that you have? I know myself included, when I came in, felt like I didn't have value to add like, oh my God, there's all these great people in here sharing all this great information and I was a little hesitant. What was that like for you coming into MDS?

Alberto Gomes (16:24.654)

When I came to MDS, I had a big impact on that. As you said, I was the person who wanna give something. I never wanna get to a place where I'm only gonna get information, not give anything. I was like, I wanna give something in general to the world in general for what I'm part of the group and stuff, and you have this feeling. You have this feeling, oh, what can I add?

Then I was like, oh yeah, a lot of people are really great in Amazon and stuff. I think I can talk about how I built my B2B business. I think I can talk about it's really interesting because MDS is a group of businesses, but people talk about everything, right? I have been, especially in our group right now in Vegas, MDS chapter in Vegas, I have been talking about workout, lifestyle more for let's say good body and stuff when you do work.

No, healthy style, lifestyle, and stuff. I talk about this but talk about business. I came up with, let's talk about how I did my business outside Amazon too. It's a different approach. When you get to the group you like, you feel like, oh, these people are amazing, they do an amazing job. By the way, it's important to say that it's not only amazing doing the job, it's not amazing on Amazon, but amazing people.

Everyone that I met, was really incredible people. They talk about life in general, not only money, showing off money, and stuff like that. That's really, really cool.

Nick Shucet (18:08.664)

It's interesting. You meet these similar people, these like-minded people, and they've ridden a different wave to get where they are in life, to really express themselves the way they want to. I think that's what leads to all the similarities and the conversations that we have about fitness and diet and mindset and parenting and all these things is that we have this open mind.

This open mind is how I put it to really just become better versions of ourselves versus, feeling insecure about the way that we are and the idea that we might need to make some changes in order to really accomplish the things that we want for ourselves. I think that's what MDS really has, is it's that ability to have those open conversations without anyone making you feel bad or without you feeling bad about yourself.

That just lays the foundation for unlimited growth in any field, in any division of life. That's what I really get out of the group, is those conversations. The Amazon stuff is great, but it's for me, it's nowhere near the camaraderie, the friendship, and the relationships that grow out of those.

Alberto Gomes (19:47.414)

Like I said, life growth is not business growth, it's life growth. Which is it’s what's more important?

Nick Shucet (19:57.484)

Business is part of that, right? Business can be a part of that.

Alberto Gomes (20:15.65)

Because business is part of life. It cannot be 100% of your life because of how many people you see out there, they are really good in business and stuff, but they are not happy, something is missing. They don't treat well the family or so many, there's so much stuff that can happen. That's what I like about MDS Group.

Nick Shucet (20:25.9)

It's tough to balance that, man. How do you work around that? How do you balance work and life? I know you're big into fitness. How do you manage all that?

Alberto Gomes (20:38.966)

First off, I want to talk about business and health. I always put my health together or in the first place. For example, oh, I need to go to the gym every day because if I have time to work, I need to have one hour to go to the gym. I need to make this happen. Another way for me to work on the work-life... actually, it's funny because a lot of people say work-life balance. I don't agree with that, it should be a life-work balance.

Now work first, life first. Then I'm trying to each time more and more have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, travel more, and have this freedom more and more. Here I work by myself, usually, we have an office, my office goes much to the office than me. I don't go very often to the office, I focus more here, I have my office in my house here, and I work more from here, focus more.

When you do that, especially for me, I'm far away from a lot of my friends because they still live in Rio and stuff, so I also need to work on my mind and my, let's say, mind health, let's say. You need to work on that. Okay, you make some improvements, you have something, especially in life, you're missing, but since you're missing that, you need to have another thing to make you happy.

I always work on that. If you've been deep here, talk about it, that's how I have this, I imagine it is. That's how I do.

Nick Shucet (22:29.868)

Nice, man. I always, I've been falling short. I have a tougher time these days with kids. I've got four kids, one 11, and then we've got a 10-month-old baby. Man, it can be tough. I actually hopped into a meeting. I hopped into a meeting earlier this morning, putting my shirt on all sweaty from finishing my workout and I was nine minutes late.

Nick Shucet (22:56.084)

Right? I'm like, guys, I'm sorry. I got to do what I got to do. Right? I can't give up working out because I know I'm not going to show up as the best version of myself if I'm not doing that. Life has certainly taught me that.

Alberto Gomes (23:12.106)

It's not only the best version of yourself. It's like a basic thing that a lot of people don't do it. Man, our body, it's what sustains us. If you don't have a healthy body, you don't have a healthy business, you don't have anything. A lot of people like business, work, sit in the computer 12 hours, 14 hours, and then later on in 10 years, you're gonna have your back gonna hurt.

You have a problem and then you get fat and then a lot of stuff happens to you. Actually, it's funny because if you do that, whatever money you make you cannot enjoy it later because you don't have the health to enjoy it, which is the society in general right now. You work, and when you get 55, 60 years old you're gonna enjoy your life. Okay, you're gonna enjoy your life but it's tough to tell you, you don't have the health to enjoy your life.

You have money but you don't have the health to enjoy it. You have the time and money, but you don't have health. How about you get there with health, with money, maybe not that much, a little less, but with your health right there, and then you have the time.

Nick Shucet (24:22.68)

Right. I read a quote a long time ago. It was probably 10, 15 years ago, maybe a little bit longer. It was a simple one. It just said, that if you have your health, you can overcome anything that life throws at you. I truly believe that. It's just such an important thing to prioritize. I think people are shifting that way. I remember back when I was younger and my parents, it was just all about work. It's nice to see people starting to care more about themselves and the things they put in their bodies and stuff like that.

Alberto Gomes (24:55.626)

Yes, actually the stuff you put your body to. A healthy body and a healthy mind, with that you can achieve anything.

Nick Shucet (25:03.96)

100% man. Well, let's talk about some of the stuff that you've been able to achieve. You mentioned that you have a B2B business as well in addition to your D2C side off of Amazon. Why don't you tell us a little bit about that and how did you get into the B2B side? Are you doing B2B on Amazon and your own website?

Alberto Gomes (25:33.534)

What happened was we start Amazon and then when you start Amazon, you start using some tools like for example, Jungle Scout or Helium 10, whatever tool you use, you always have the data in your hands. Sometimes you have the data in your hands and also you have the information that, okay, this is high demand, but this competition is high too and the price point is sometimes not that great.

The way we approached the business with kind of different because we had the products to sell on Amazon. Instead of launching products on Amazon all the time, we decided to get a product that is completely aligned with a product that we had to sell on Amazon. Okay, it's high demand. If it's high demand on Amazon, it's high demand in the U.S.

If it's high demand U.S., I can sell outside Amazon too if you don't have the opportunity to sell on Amazon or because the competition is high. Or because it's a mix of the competition is high and the price point is really low because it's a Chinese company selling that. We took this approach and then started doing some tests. Okay, let's launch this.

At the time we had two products on Amazon and then we launched five outside Amazon. Then, oh, let's try this. Then we start selling on the D2C site. Of course, it was not that many sales like Amazon, but was enough for us to understand that you could keep going because we were at the time doing the business and you didn't have much money you spend on the cost of employees and stuff like that because it's an online business, right?

You don't have rent, all the bills you have when you have a normal business. We took this approach and then we started doing that. As soon as you reach 10 and then we grow more and then as soon as you start 10 different products, 10 SKUs, we started looking for the opportunities and then we found out we could, was growing our niche, was growing and then we started selling B2B.

Then we started selling B2B on platforms like Faire, and other platforms, Tundra, and Faire, and then we started selling on this platform and then we started growing there.

Alberto Gomes (27:57.71)

As soon as you grow in there, we had the opportunity to grow the number of SKUs because we had the business right there. We had the store that they could see a store if they go to a store, they have ten options to buy. Why not have 20, why not have 30, and then we start to grow in that? Now we have about 50, 55% Amazon and 50% of business outside Amazon.

We have so many opportunities to grow. Right now actually with everything that I have been learning we have been talking about business in general in the group and everything. I have been learning that I'm going to push a little bit, have fewer SKUs, and cut off 10 or 15 SKUs to launch more products. That's how we did it at the beginning.

Then with all this cash flow, we flow into Amazon, Amazon into, and then we put it all together.

Nick Shucet (28:49.248)

Amazing. What do you think led you guys to be successful on wholesale platforms like Tundra and Faire? Is it the product that has to do a little bit with it or is it the way that you guys represented yourselves on those platforms? What do you think led to that success?

Alberto Gomes (29:08.458)

It was a mix of high-quality products. First off, we have a brand and we are passionate about our brand and what we do. We have the opportunity now to sell eco-friendly products which help the environment by eliminating plastic and everything. It's a passion about us. We study everything about it. We learn everything about it. We watch so many documentaries and stuff.

We learn about this, how we can give better to the world because that's another thing like purpose in life. What's your purpose in life? What do you want to do when you die? You want people to see you. Okay. I'll watch what Alberto did, what this brand did, or whatever. It's like doing business with a purpose. That was the first, first thing. We always show this to the customers to have a high-quality product because when you buy products, you have different types of quality.

Have product A, product B, product C, it's different qualities, we always get the high quality which is like, okay, I want to get the customer and the customer is going to see that the value of our products because of the quality and then they're going to buy other products because they know we have high quality. Then we show this on the platform, we talk about our brand, and we have an Instagram where we talk about the environment and stuff.

That was the approach we took to show our brand and show that we're really an eco-friendly company and were not greenwash or anything like that. We took Rio. We really put our hearts out there because that's another thing I believe. If you put your heart out there to your business, it's impossible for you to not be successful or not make a profit if put your heart out there, you make it with the best of yourself and again, the law of attraction, whatever you put good there, you get good back.

That's how we did that. Then we grow with this new platform. Now we have a B2B, our own website too. Then we now have a lot more competition, but now we try to get more approach, like have more and more. Now, since you have more competitors, we have more certificates and stuff like that. That's how we've been working right now.

Nick Shucet (31:32.096)

Nice. Was this something you guys were passionate about before the business? Did you guys have an understanding of these products or did you get more into it through the business?

Alberto Gomes (31:46.526)

I learned more through the business. I was not 100% eco-friendly. I'm from Rio, so no eco-friendly at all there, especially at the time. I learned a lot from my wife. She was always mind, eco-mind, let's say. She's from Seattle, so they always have this thing that no plastic bags and stuff like that. I was learning with her and then when we started putting our first product, we learned oh, this product is going to help a lot to eliminate plastic.

Then when you got the first product and then we understand, OK, we're not selling a product here only. We're doing something for the world. Every single person who is buying a product, every single customer, eliminates plastic instead of this other product. OK, this is a good approach. Let's learn more about it and then start learning more about it.

Literally, listen to books, and learn more about the environment in general. We learn so much stuff. That's why right now I'm vegan. I'm not vegan, I'm vegetarian, and I'm a pescatarian. I'm not a pescatarian, I'm vegan at home because my wife is vegan. I'm vegan at home, let's say, but if I'm with friends, I can eat salmon or something like that, but I haven't eaten meat for over three years.

All my proteins, plant-based protein powder, and stuff, I want to talk about the protein that I need for my workout and stuff. Plant protein powder, all plant-based. We learn more. That's how I feel about business. If you learn more about your niche or what you're going to sell, of course, you're going to sell more because you're going to know how to talk about it, how to approach the customer, what's the customer, what's your avatar, and everything. That's how we did.

Nick Shucet (33:29.324)

Nice man. I wonder if Jeff Bezos, when he was starting Amazon thought there'd be people out here for one building a life that they can live on their own terms, but then two, being passionate about making the world a better place. Amazon catches a lot of negative stuff in the media and you don't hear these small stories that can really inspire someone else to finally make that decision.

Hey, I'm going to sell my car too. I'm from Brazil and I've always thought I could make it. They hear this podcast and they're just like, I'm going for it, right? That to me just does a lot for the world. Anytime someone can empower themselves to achieve what they want to achieve, I like to believe that person spreads that joy, that happiness, that energy through the world. You can't put a number on that, right? That's just making the world a better place, in my opinion. Amazon's out here doing that.

Alberto Gomes (34:42.984)

Making the world a better place, it's my philosophy. You know, that's how I approach life, how I live for it. Whatever I need. Unfortunately, humans are fascinating, right? We have amazing humans who make everything for us to be better, but some of them, bring all bad stuff, I'm the one who believed that we can always bring the good to the world and then spread this, spread this word.

Let's talk about this. Let's do this. Let's make an example. About Amazon, it's incredible, where does this go, right? He created Amazon. He didn't believe like, okay, somebody can live off that. Now it's like all of these families of this entrepreneur, these businesses, people who have amazing, amazing products right there and use the platform to get to the people because it's a way for you to get to the customers.

It's a way for you. Okay, he has a huge platform when easily you can, not easily, but like you can get in front of people with less cost-effective, let's say because you don't invest in your own logistics and everything. They have everything for you to make it happen. If you put a good product out there, you're going to use this as a tool for you to do whatever you love to do. This is really important to say. Do what you love, do what you're fascinated about, and what you like to do or like to sell is important too.

Nick Shucet (36:21.58)

I really believe there is enough opportunity in the world to where you can really do what you want to do. If you're passionate about something, do that. Just do it. I think that's not what we were told growing up, at least where I grew up, right? I think those opportunities are out there.

Alberto Gomes (36:35.474)

That's the society. That's the society like, oh, you need to work, you need to make money. Okay, you need to make money, doesn't matter what you're gonna do, you need to make money. Okay, and so what? I'm gonna die, make money, or I'm gonna be 65 years old with money and I was not happy my whole life because I was doing something that was not what I'm passionate about.

I know it's hard to say that because a lot of people, need to do some things that they don't like, but you know what my philosophy is? You can do whatever you don't want to do, but you don't need to do this your whole life. If you want to do something that a person... Let's say you're passionate about painting, but you cannot paint and survive and pay the bills for your kids, but you can do something to raise enough money for you to do painting there for a living.

This is not your main income, but you're gonna do this because you love to do that because you have time now to do that or something like that. As I said, you do the hard first, you have an easy life. Hard life first, easy life later. Easy life first, hard life later when you get to the end of your days, or you don't have money, or you're not happy because which pass. Time is the most expensive currency and people don't realize that. You cannot buy time.

Nick Shucet (38:10.062)

Right, 100% man. I've really learned that from watching my kids grow up. I've got the 11-year-old, he's up to my shoulder, and then I have the nine-month-old. It's like I remember my 11-year-old being that small and it just seems like not very long ago. The kids have really put that time thing into perspective for me and the work thing as well because I'm not gonna get that time back. I can make money later, I can work hard later.

That opportunity is always most likely going to be there for me. To take my four-year-old daughter out on a date for breakfast, right? 

Alberto Gomes (38:54.306)

That's amazing. That's happiness. When you ask people what's happiness, that's another one you talk about since you talk about Amazon here, Amazon gives this opportunity to how many people. I cannot talk about it because you don't have kids yet, but like you have kids, a lot of members have kids, most of them, the fact that they can have breakfast with the kids, get the kids for lunch, go get the kids in the school, see the kids growing because you're doing your business from your home.

Okay, you go to the office sometimes on a scale more, but it's not the same as you as you'll be an employee in a normal office and you need to be there every day and stuff. This is what it is. If anybody's listening to this right now who’s not doing Amazon or not doing this type of business that gives you freedom, work to make this happen because freedom is the most expensive thing ever and you cannot achieve it if you don't work to that.

It doesn't matter if you make a lot of money, but you need to be there in the office every day. If you don't want to do that. Each person is different of course, but to grow your kid, to have a kid, and then at the end, when you get 60 years old or 50 years old, you see all your kids like 30 years old, 20 years old kid and stuff and then you see, okay, the whole time they're with me until they're 15, 16, the whole time. It's priceless, literally.

Nick Shucet (40:27.328)

100% man, it's special. I definitely appreciate those moments and the ability to just make that decision at any time really is priceless. Well Alberto, before we wrap up man, why don't you tell us a little bit about some things you're working on? What's your big vision for your business and what are you guys doing to get there?

Alberto Gomes (40:53.39)

My big vision now is to have more certifications for some products and we are launching new products now to have more revenue, which means people need to use all the time and stuff, reuse, people buy all the time because you don't have that many, this type of products. That's our goal right now and I have a plan to start a new brand too, which is totally related to eco and stuff like that.

I'm working hard on that too, to have a new brand, because that's gonna be new for me. With all the learning I have from the group and stuff, it got me the courage to do that, to make it happen. That's my goal. Then for this year, if you talk specifically for this year for my brand, we're gonna have to double our growth this year already.

Nick Shucet (41:46.532)

Amazing. Congrats on that, man. Good stuff. Well, we'll have to bring you back on in the future and see how things are going. It's amazing what you've been able to accomplish. I'm excited to see where it all takes you. Thanks for coming on and sharing your story.

Alberto Gomes (42:04.478)

Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure to talk with you here. Then it's a pleasure to talk a little bit about where I'm coming from, and my life and to show everyone that it's possible. Whatever you want to do, it's possible. It doesn't matter your background, it doesn't matter the language you speak. Whatever you want to learn, whatever you want to do, you can do it.

Just put this in your mindset. If you put this in your mindset, you're going to tell your brain that you can do it. You're going to do it. If you tell your brain you cannot do it or you don't want to go to the gym today. The brain is going to hold you off for not going to the gym today because you said you don't want to go. That's what I believe, the power of your mind. The power of your mind is everything to make happen stuff. With the correct tools, of course, right?

Nick Shucet (42:49.389)

Right. Well, thanks for coming on and sharing some inspiration, man. I'm sure the listeners will really appreciate it. We'll definitely have to get you back on in the future to see how things are going.

Alberto Gomes (43:00.854)

No, thanks so much. It would be a pleasure.

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