MDS represent more than 4 Billion in sales on Amazon annually.
MDS is the First Amazon Seller Verified Revenue GroupWe are the most Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group where like-minded and experienced Amazon sellers discuss topics, share tactics, and help each other out daily.
Why Should You Join MDS
Communicate With Likeminded Sellers 24/7.
Build connections all over the world. Our group members regularly meet up at tradeshows, events and in all cities, all the time
No Newbie Questions or Lurkers.
Tired of the lame newbie questions or the guru hype groups? This is the group you have been looking for. Only real "successful" sellers helping each other
Elite Membership
All Members Are Verified To Meet Our Strict Requirements.
Each applicant is screened by us before entering the group. They are required to provide proof of sales and identity. NO fake Facebook profiles allowed.
Business Growth
Grow Your Business Fast With The Help Of People Who Actually Do It.
Take advantage of the collective knowledge of our group. On a daily basis members are helping each other, providing templates, or contacts.
Members Benefits
  • ​Always active facebook group where 100’s of conversations take place each day.
  • ​High level questions and answers from your peers. No newbie or lame questions.
  • ​Access to member developed software for free as “beta users.”
  • ​Regular group calls to discuss important topics like marketing, ppc, off Amazon growth, international sales, wholesale, retail and more. These calls are set up by members and run by members.
  • ​Webinar notes from public webinars that take place on Amazon topics.
  • ​Private group calls with top people in different industires.
  • ​Access to member directory of service providers for legal, accounting, financing and more.
  • ​Access to the library of user contributed documents, contracts and more.
  • ​Yearly summit put on by MDS and currated to the highest level.
  • ​Exclusive discount codes on the best and newest software for Amazon sellers.
  • ​Global network of successful sellers just like you!
  • ​We have board reviews if any issues arise in order to keep the group functioning and efficient.
Lurker & Guru Free
We only admit members whose main business is selling products on Amazon, not just selling information.
MDS Group Achievements
Crowd funded $100,000 in 48 hours for development of an Amazon software service run by group members.
Many members' sales have more than doubled since being in the group.
We've Also Been Able to...
  • ​Make successfull business partnerships between members.
  • ​Create an exclusive MDS Vault that requires a substantial process document for entry. This vault has valuable ebooks, SOP’s, Legal contracts, Amazon support response documents, etc.
  • ​Record Q&A video calls with top tier industry experts like Brian Johnson, Casey Gauss, Cynthia Stein, and Jeff Cohen.
  • Feature members success stories on Amazon.
  • Help members expand into international markets.
  • ​Successfully reinstated accounts and listings due to members help and expertise.
  • ​Have meet ups in USA, China, India and more.
  • ​Host weekly growth calls discussing topics like funnels, Facebook marketing, bots etc.
Don't Reinvent The Wheel
Being a member of this exclusive group will 100% benefit your business, motivate you to grow and help you overcome the challenges in scaling and maximizing profit. Many of the issues you face on a daily basis are the same issues our members have overcome. Changes that Amazon makes weekly are felt by all members and we work together to adapt and overcome.
One Comma is Never Enough
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Million Dollar Sellers Group FAQ

What is MDS Group?
It's the only member driven group that functions like an association. It is required that each member engages in  discussions on a monthly basis.

Who can be in the group?
Any Amazon seller that does over $1 million in revenue in the previous 12 months. 
We verify all submissions.

What are the requirements once I am in the group?
You must participate in conversations monthly. We require that you ask questions or comment on posts. If you do not participate you will be first warned and then removed.

How much does it cost?
The cost to be a part of the MDS Association is $4,997 per year. Price increased as of Nov 13, 2019.
It's always refundable and prorated based on 365 days. 

Is admission into the group guaranteed?
As of today, we only have a limited number of spots per month. Therefore entry is not guaranteed. Its required that you submit payment to lock in your spot and yearly fee.

Who can’t be in the group?
We don’t allow anyone whose owns businesses that sell information or selling on Amazon is not their primary business. We like to say we are “guru” free. We also don't let anyone into the group that hasn't done $1 million in revenue in the trailing 12 months, no exceptions.

Does MDS support black hat tactics or attacking others?
No, we do not support or condone tactics that are viewed as blackhat or attacks on other sellers. We do discuss tactics that are being used in the marketplace and how to overcome them in a white hat way. Its imporatnt to understand how and why these tactics are used.

What happens if I want to leave the group?
You can leave anytime and your association fee will be refunded and prorated based on 365 days. 

What happens if I am kicked out of the group?
If you are kicked out for any reason, your association fee will be refunded and prorated based on 365 days.

Do I have to participate?
We run monthly analytics on the group to make sure everyone participates monthly by commenting or asking questions. If you can't contribute, this isn’t the group for you. We will remove you if you do not engage frequently.
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