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A proven network of entrepreneurs with unmatched expertise and verified revenue of over 1MM/year

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Nonstop Engagement

Constant Networking with Likeminded Entrepreneurs. Build connections all day, all night, all over the world.

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Elevated Q&A

Advanced Level Discussions with Proven Top Sellers
No more newbie questions. Only successful sellers helping each other.

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Verified Members

All Members Are Verified To Meet Our Strict Requirements. Must be a proven successful seller for entry. No exceptions, ever.

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Grow. Bigger. Together.

Our Average Member is Growing at 70% Annually.
Leverage the collective knowledge of our group and take your 7-figure business to new heights.

Over 5 Billion in Revenue

Across Our 500+ Members Around the Globe

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24/7 Focused Forums

24/7 access to various highly engaged groups with comradeship on the highest of levels. Not only will the people you meet become your best friends, but your business growth is guaranteed by your engagement in our groups.

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Connect with other entrepreneurs about Amazon, Shopify, investments, operations, and more.

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Localizing Chapters

Chat with members locally and create tight-knit groups in your area.

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Member Portal

Sort and filter members by their locations and other criteria to connect with people just like you.

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Weekly Live Calls

Elevate and inspire your work with weekly workshop and expert calls. Bi-weekly and quarterly calls on top topics.

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Exclusive Content

Get access to thousands of processes, documents, contracts, recorded content, POAs, and more submitted in our members' archives.

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Service Discounts

Reap the rewards of #MDSOnly savings from leading service providers

This is the Top Seller Community
You've Been Looking For!

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Virtual & Live Events

From weekly calls to small meetups to large scale conferences, our events are distinctly curated to give each of our members direct access and engagement to the information they need.

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High Value Partnerships

If you wanna be the best, you need to partner with the best. Take advantage of our exclusive relationships with endless high level service providers in our space. Get access to these high level contacts and to thousands of dollars worth of negotiated #MDSONLY offers.

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More About Our Members

"average member" and "the community" offers
"the average member" and "the community" offers


breakdown of mds members' hobbies
breakdown of mds members' hobbies


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breakdown of mds members' hobbies

Community FAQ

How quickly can I join the MDS community

We bring members in once a month and our process can take 2-3 months to gain access. You must first pay the annual dues, complete an application, and pass interviews to either be approved or denied. Your dues will be refunded if denied. Your renewal period will be tied to the date that you gained access.

Who qualifies for the MDS community?

Any eCommerce seller that has successfully sold more than $1 million in revenue in the previous 12 months. We verify all submissions to make sure that they are owner operated and have a policies in place against info marketers, service providers, and financial aggregators. eCommerce must be your core business to qualify.

What are the requirements once I am in the community?

You must be engaged and show up. We monitor member engagement in multiple facets. If you do not bring value to other members in the community you will be first notified with a reminder and then removed.

What are the community dues?

The current dues of an MDS Community Membership can be found here on our application page. Membership is available in various payment tiers and is always refundable and prorated based on 365 days.

Is admission into the group guaranteed?

No, in addition to verifying your business and your revenue you will have to go through a series of interviews which are designed to identify that you match our core values. We add a limited number of members per month and once verified you will be placed in a queue to gain group access.

What is included in the membership dues?

Access to the membership site which is constantly being improved and filled with tons of rich & relevant content to help your business succeed. Access to all of our sub groups which are run on Facebook Groups. Access to events, some of which are included in your dues.

The Most Prestigious Community of Proven Online Entrepreneurs

No Up-Sells. No Backroom Charges. Just a Community of Pros.